Californians Have Until June 30 to Qualify for Faster Student Loan Forgiveness, Lower Payments

Up to 300,000 Californians must apply by June 30 to benefit from a special federal student loan forgiveness program offering faster forgiveness, lower payments.

Elon Musk Condemns Apple’s OpenAI Agreement; Are His Concerns Valid?

Elon Musk criticizes Apple's agreement with OpenAI, raising questions about potential risks and impacts on AI development and competition; is the tech mogul right?..

Rapper Iggy Azalea Enters the Crypto World With Her $MOTHER Meme Coin

Rapper Iggy Azalea is venturing into the cryptocurrency world with the launch of her meme coin, Mother Iggy or $MOTHER...

2 Russian-Born American Citizens Arrested for Conspiring to Illegally Smuggle Snowmachines From US to Russia

Two Russian-born American citizens were arrested for attempting to illegally export $500,000 worth of snowmachines from the US to Russia via China...

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Minnesota Woman Allegedly Left Bag of $120,000 as Bribe for Juror in Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Case
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into allegations that a Minnesota woman attempted to bribe a juror with $120,000.
Mike Lynch Wins Major Legal Battle as Jury Acquits Him of Fraud
Autonomy founder Mike Lynch and former finance executive Stephen Chamberlain were acquitted of all fraud charges by a San Francisco jury, marking a significant legal victory following the contentious
Donald Trump Welcomed by Tech Investors for Exclusive San Francisco Fundraiser
Donald Trump will attend a high-profile fundraiser in San Francisco hosted by tech investors and podcasters, signaling a shift in the tech industry's stance toward the former president.
Lionsgate President Shares Excitement for Michael Jackson Biopic, Claiming It'll Be Their Biggest Movie
Lionsgate President Jim Packer claims the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic will be their biggest movie. Here's everything you need to know about it.
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Native American Tribes in Health Care Funding Dispute
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Native American tribes, mandating the government cover substantial overhead costs incurred by tribes when taking control of their healthcare programs. This overturn
Singapore Court Delays Sentencing for Money Launderer Su Jianfeng, Seized Assets Valued at $138 million
Su Jianfeng, involved in Singapore’s largest money laundering case, pleaded guilty, and his sentencing was postponed to Monday. He and his wife agreed to forfeit 95% of seized assets worth $138 millio
Jobless Rate in US Rise Slightly, But Layoffs Remain Low
The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week despite layoffs remaining healthy amid ongoing inflation and high interest rates.
Enabling Soulbound Digital Twins — A Discussion with Robert Cartwright, CEO of Wondra
I had the opportunity to interact with one such person. Robert Cartwright is the CEO of Wondra, with a deep expertise in building teams and managing innovation-oriented operations across the globe. We
Walmart Rolls Out Bonus Program That Benefits About 700,000 Hourly Employees
Walmart introduced a bonus scheme for 700,000 hourly workers in the US.
American Man Lost His $716,000 Fortune in LinkedIn Romance Scam
A 75-year-old American man became a victim of a romance scam on LinkedIn.
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