PCI On Getting More Mascular

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) is strengthening its adherance to its rules and policies.

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Research Team Develops iPhone-Powered Lab; Detects Cancer At 99%

With smartphones being regularly innovated by manufacturers, a research team has recently developed a portable laboratory powered by a smartphone and is capable of nearly instantly detecting cancer.

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Ancestors Were Right-Handed Says Research

Based on the route of some of its marks, researchers and scientists have claimed that the Homo habilis specie was right-handed.

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NBA Players' Union Leads To New CBA Deal

NBA opts and steps forward for new innovations.

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Tweets about Trump

People had a lot to say about Trump during the final debate, so as some celebrities.

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Joss Whedon on Star Wars

Joss Whedon now is very much eager to make a Star Wars movie after watching the trailer of The Rogue.

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CityLab Defines Urban Entrepreneur

Boyd Cohen, the co-writer of The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, had visited and had conversed with CitiLab. During their conversation, he was asked to differentiate urbanpreneurship and entrepreneurship. He was also questioned about teaching entrepreneurship and research outside the U.S.

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Cleveland As America's Apple Of The Eye For Sports

Cleveland came up string with this year as they go championship game ob their fields, be it basketball, baseball, football etc.

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Pokedex Sun And Moon Revealed

Pokemon fans is surprised with the brand new Pokemon Sun and Moon demo that was released on Tuesday.

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