Australian Teen Becomes Instant Millionaire After Reeling in Prize Fish

By Madz Dizon

Apr 30, 2024 07:40 PM EDT

Australian Teen Becomes Instant Millionaire After Reeling in Prize Fish
Photo taken early on December 23, 2014 shows barramundi for sale at the Sydney Fish Market in Sydney.
(Photo : PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images)

An Northern Territory teenager, whose family has faced many difficulties in recent years, was chosen as the first recipient of a prestigious Australian fishing award.  

Keegan Payne was excited about the 67cm barramundi he caught from the Katherine River on Sunday, envisioning it as a delicious meal for his family.

Australian Teen Fisherman Becomes Instant Millionaire

Payne was completely unaware of the extraordinary value of the fish, which was worth a staggering $1 million. This prize had never been claimed before, making it truly unique.

The avid fisherman from Katherine was enjoying a fishing trip with his sister and friends on a Sunday morning when he experienced the most thrilling bite of his life.

Upon discovering the valuable tag attached to it, the 19-year-old expressed his astonishment, stating that he and his sister were extremely excited. His sister Addyson, 11, was the first to spot the colored tag worth a million dollars. 

"We were sitting down and my brother's rod tipped," she told the ABC

Payne initially believed they had caught a catfish, only to discover that it was a barramundi. The instant millionaire teen said the fight was over in less than 10 seconds and was quite intense.  

Payne has emerged as the first recipient of the prestigious grand prize in the highly anticipated Million Dollar Fish competition, marking a significant milestone in the event's ninth season.

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Keegan Payne Expresses Happiness for Winning in Million Dollar Fish Competition

According to him, the victory has had a profound impact on his family, who experienced the devastating loss of one of his brothers in a tragic accident four years ago. 

Payne mentioned that he can purchase whatever he desires and could help his parents with their home loans. He also mentioned that the family can now afford to go on a vacation and is currently planning a trip to America.  He also plans to purchase a new boat and a car in the coming week.

The NT government has announced its commitment to ensuring a winner is crowned in this year's competition, made to attract tourists to the Top End during the off season. 

The teenager, filled with gratitude and humility, was truly deserving of the significant prize. When asked about the highlights of fishing in the Northern Territory, he enthusiastically responded, "You can catch a million dollar barra."

The Cancer Council was the fortunate recipient of a generous $10,000 donation, courtesy of the thoughtful teenager who selected it as his preferred charity, 7News reported.

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