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Truong My Lan's Death Sentence Could Negatively Affect Vietnam—Here's What Experts Explain

Truong My Lan's death sentence concerns some experts. Here's why her case could negatively affect Vietnam.

Uber, Lyft Postpone Minneapolis Exit as City Council Delays Minimum Wage Hike Until July

Uber and Lyft postponed their Minneapolis departure on May 1 when the city council delayed a minimum wage raise until July...

Disney Implements Lifetime Bans for Guests Caught Lying About Disabilities in Disneyland Parks

Disneyland Resort is implementing lifetime bans for guests caught lying about disabilities in order to access attractions. This is part of a broader policy overhaul amid a rise in fraudulent claims, e..

President Joe Biden Cancels Another $7.4 Billion in Student Loan Debt for Over 270,000 Americans - Find Out If You Qualify!

US President Joe Biden has made a significant announcement, revealing his decision to cancel $7.4 billion in student loan debt for over 277,000 individuals...

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Meta Under Investigation For Alleged Illegal Drug Trade Involvement
U.S. prosecutors in Virginia are investigating Meta over alleged illegal drug trade involvement, with subpoenas targeting records related to drug activities on Meta's platforms.
Unilever to Layoff 7,500 Employees and Split off Ice Cream Division to Slash Costs, Boost Profits
Unilever revealed Tuesday its plan to cut 7,500 jobs and split up its ice cream unit, which handles popular brands such as Magnum and Ben & Jerry's, to reduce costs and boost profits.
Hunter Biden Business Partner Confirms Receiving Private Emails From Joe Biden Using 'Robinware456' Alias While VP
Hunter Biden business associate Eric Schwerin has revealed to congressional investigators that he communicated with then-Vice President Joe Biden through a private email labeled with a "Robinware456"
Donald Trump Fails to Block Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels From Testifying at Hush Money Trial
Former President Donald Trump lost a bid to block testimony from Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels in his upcoming hush money trial.
Student Housing Pioneer Patrick Nelson Grapples with $115 Million Legal Debacle, Investor Outrage
Prominent student housing figure Patrick S. Nelson is facing a turbulent legal battle with debts reaching $115 million.
U.S Factories Linked to China's Military Industrial Complex Raise National Security Concerns
Capchem Technology, a Chinese firm linked to China's military-industrial complex, plans to expand in the US with battery chemical plants in Ohio and Louisiana, sparking national security concerns.
Donald Trump Denied $464M Appeal Bond Amid New York Civil Fraud Judgment
Trump denied $464M appeal bond in NY fraud case. Legal battles intensify as Trump's team struggles to secure funds, hindering appeals.
Joe Biden 2025 Budget Proposal Could Significantly Reduce the Wealth Your Heirs Will Get
President Joe Biden's 2025 budget proposal could reportedly reduce the wealth your heirs will get.
Australian Taxi Drivers Secure $272 Million from Uber in Historic World-First Settlement of Class Action Case
Uber settles a landmark $272 million class action lawsuit with Australian taxi operators after a five-year legal battle.
Former UK Tech Titan Mike Lynch Faces Trial in US Over Silicon Valley's Fraud, Conspiracy Charges
A former UK tech mogul is set to face trial in the US for allegedly orchestrating "the largest fraud in the history" of Silicon Valley.
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