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British Gas Yet to Compensate Customers Affected by Forced Prepayment Meter Installations

UK Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho criticizes slow and insufficient compensation payouts for forced prepayment meters, amid revelations that only 1,500 out of 150,000 cases are receiving redress.

TikTok Ban: US Passes Bill That Could Lead to Total Restriction of Chinese App Unless Bytedance Divest Ownership

TikTok could be banned in the United States after the House of Representatives decisively passed legislation requiring the app's Chinese owner to divest from the company...

New York Cracks Down Wealthy Residents Avoiding Taxes by Fleeing the State

When it comes to taxes and the wealthy, timing is crucial — particularly for individuals who moved from New York and established residency elsewhere...

In the Era of Shrinkflation, Cinemark Sued for Allegedly Swindling Customers by Shortchanging Them on Beverages

Cinemark is allegedly duping its customers by offering 24-ounce drink cups that can only hold a maximum of 22 ounces, according to a proposed class-action suit filed in a Texas federal court...

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Visa, Mastercard Agree to Reduce Swipe Fees in $30 Billion Landmark Settlement
Visa and Mastercard have agreed to a $30 billion settlement that would limit credit and debit card fees for retailers.
Sega of America Union Workers Secure Pay Increase, Other Benefits in Landmark Contract Ratification
Sega of America's gaming workers secure landmark union contract with AEGIS-CWA, featuring pay raises, job protections, and credit commitments, setting a precedent in the industry labor rights movement
Billionaire Tech Founder Betrays Longtime Colleague With Insider Trading Deal That Scored Him $415,000 in Profit: SEC
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said Andreas "Andy" Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and an early investor in Google, has settled insider trading charges against him th
TikTok Now Targeted by FTC Over Data and Security Practices
TikTok is facing another setback after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reportedly launched a probe into the social media platform's data and security practices.
US Seeks Seizure of Ex-Mongolian Premier’s $14 Million New York Residences Allegedly Tied to Mining Scam
The US wants to seize the former Mongolian prime minister Sukhbaatar Batbold's luxury NYC apartments bought with corruption proceeds.
James Biden's Americore Dealings Reportedly Probed by Feds as Part of Criminal Investigation
James Biden is under criminal investigation in Florida and Medicare fraud probe in Pennsylvania by the Justice Department.
Chinese Businessman Sentenced to Death by Hanging for Killing His Nigerian Girlfriend Who Was Trying to Leave Him
A Chinese businessman was sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend two years ago in Nigeria.
Facebook Accused of Secretly Wiretapping Snapchat Through Users' Phones in 'Project Ghostbusters,' Documents Reveal
Recently revealed court documents claim that Meta had a covert operation called 'Project Ghostbusters' aimed at spying on Snapchat.
Trump Teams Up with Lee Greenwood to Sell $60 'God Bless the USA' Bibles Amid Legal Woes
The website selling the Bibles claims that the initiative is not political and has no connection to any political campaign.
Report: CBI Under Fire Over Gagging Clauses Covering Up Sexual Misconduct Scandals
CBI's NDA use sparks uproar as MPs criticize coverups of workplace misconduct. Critics fear silencing victims, hindering accountability.
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