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IRS to Make Direct File Free Tax-Filing Permanent

IRS confirmed that it is making the Direct File free tax-filing option permanent. But when? Here are the latest details.

Almost 50 Democratic Congress Members Urge NLRB to Act on Suspicious YouTube Contractor Layoffs

Almost 50 Democratic Congress members are urging NLRB to investigate suspicious layoffs against YouTube contractors. Here's why...

Leaked Documents Reveal Google Allegedly Manipulated Search Ranking and Results

Leaked documents revealed that Google controlled internet information and manipulated searches through algorithmic processes, prompting concerns about transparency and political biases in ranking feat..

Elon Musk Settles Legal Battle With SEC Over 'Suspicious' Twitter Acquisition by Testifying in Court

Elon Musk agrees to testify in the SEC probe over his 2022 Twitter acquisition, settling his legal dispute and avoiding an appeal, as concerns about potential securities law violations loom over the i..

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Biden Administration's Pending Marijuana Reclassification Could Lead to Huge Tax Cut for Cannabis Companies
Led by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), this proposed change acknowledges cannabis's medical benefits and lower abuse potential than other controlled substances.
American Businessman Accused of Hiring Hitman to Kill His Wife for Massive Insurance Money Admits Funneling Millions to Lover's Business
An American businessman is currently on trial in Jamaica for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill his wife to collect a massive life insurance payout.
Qantas Airlines Reaches $120 Million Settlement in ‘Ghost Flight’ Lawsuit
Qantas has agreed to pay $120 million to resolve allegations of misleading customers regarding ticket sales on so-called "ghost flights.”
UPDATE: Boeing Locks Out Firefighters Amid Labor Dispute, Negotiation with Machinists
Boeing locked out 125 unionized firefighters and emergency responders in Washington state this weekend in a dispute over a new four-year contract.
Biden Administration Cancels 10% of Borrowers’ Student Loan; Here’s Who’s Next!
According to a recent report, the Biden administration has announced the cancellation of 10% of all student debt in its latest round of actions.
IRS Scrambles to Address Huge Gap in Audit Rates Between Black, Other Taxpayers
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that it has implemented measures to tackle the significant discrepancy in audit rates between different groups of taxpayers.
Amazon, Google Suspend Green Card Applications Amid Mass Layoffs in IT Departments
Amazon and Google have recently scaled back their green card applications due to the increasingly challenging process.
Canada Tightens Import Requirements Amid US Dairy Cattle Outbreak Over Avian Flu Virus
Canada is increasing its surveillance to detect a potentially harmful strain of avian flu amid the growing outbreak of H5N1 in US dairy cattle.
Joe Biden Expands Affordable Healthcare Coverage for DACA Immigrants
The administration of President Joe Biden has expanded access to affordable healthcare insurance for about 100,000 immigrants covered by DACA program.
Ex-Donald Trump Aide Testifies He Told Her to Deny Stormy Daniels Affair, Michael Cohen Paid the Porn Star Without Telling Him
Hope Hicks, once a top aide to Donald Trump, testified on Friday that the former president instructed her to deny his sexual encounter with porn star Stormy Daniels.
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