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Unspoken Alliances: Was Mogul Press the Secret PR Powerhouse Behind Walmart's Recent Triumphs?

In the intricate dance of corporate achievements, a whisper recently surfaced during a high-profile industry event. A seasoned business analyst, speaking off-the-record, hinted at a potential collaboration between retail giant Walmart and the rising PR firm, Mogul Press.

Just So You Know, The Threat to Your Brand Stems from Litigation

No business is immune to claims, but certain measures can reduce the odds of such an event happening. Regardless if the dispute is large or small, it can negatively impact the bottom line and tarnish ..

David Bolno Files a Lawsuit Against Focus Financial Partners to Nullify Non-Compete

David Bolno is a partner of a managing firm in Hollywood under the larger umbrella of Focus Financial Partners, and one of several partners who are disputing the nature of his contract. In addition to..

RIOC’s CEO Shelton Haynes Says Roosevelt Island Boasts a Model Public Safety Department

On a warm summer day on Roosevelt Island in New York City, officers from the Public Safety Department (PSD) can be seen at a community event, giving popcorn and other treats to residents whose cheery ..

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EU Privacy Authorities Assessing The Privacy Shield Likely to Ask For Another Review to be Conducted in 2018
European privacy watchdogs is now assessing the Privacy Shield framework that would regulate the EU-U.S. relations in privacy protection. It’s likely that the EU watchdogs will ask for another review
Goldman Sachs to Pay $5 Billion Settlement Over Troubled Mortgage-Backed Securities
The lender must pay settlement for its misconduct in selling securities backed by troubled mortgage in 2008. The agreement reached Monday.
California Judge Agreed Charter's Acquisition of Time Warner Cable With Conditions
The decision was announced on Tuesday. California administrative law judge recommended to approve acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications with significant conditions.
Uber Received Hundreds of Data Request on Its Riders and Users From US Law Enforcements and Regulators
Uber revealed that it has received too much data request from US law enforcement agencies and regulators. The company has provided information on its riders and drivers for most requests after reviewi
Democrats As Well As Republicans Urges The Texas Attorney General To Step Down
Ken Paxton, the Texan attorney general has been sued on Monday by the US regulators on accusation of playing role in a stock scam. In addition to the civil lawsuit, Paxton has also been sued with crim
Microsoft Became The First Major U.S. Tech Company to Endorse Privacy Protection Pact With the EU
Microsoft has became the first major U.S. tech company to endorse the Privacy Shield agreement between EU and the U.S. The company agreed to discuss the framework of data protection further with the E
General Motors Wins Fourth Bellwether Lawsuit, Two More Awaits For Disposal
GM has been sued with more than 400 lawsuits over defective ignition switches, of which six have been chosen as bellwether cases. Just after settling the Yingling case last week, the automobile maker
Puerto Rico Central Bank Governor Restricts Withdrawal To Avert Default in $423M Debt Repayment
Alejandro Garcia Padilla, governor of the Puerto Rica’s central bank, Government Central Bank, has announced an executive order on Saturday. The order restricts withdrawal of funds except for the emer
Wells Fargo Settled $1.2 Billion Over Bad Housing Loans Secrecy
As settlement for hiding bad loans and house desolation, Wells Fargo will pay $1.2 billion. The bank lender admitted of cheating the government by insuring thousands of risky mortgages although they
US court rejects $12.25-mln Lyft lawsuit settlement
A US Court has rejected $12.25-million legal case between Lyft and its drivers. Lyft and attorney of drivers need to sit back again on further discussions after the latest judgment.
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