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Ticketmaster Suffers From Massive Data Breach Amid DOJ Lawsuit

Ticketmaster was hit by a massive data breach while facing a lawsuit filed by the US Justice Department. Is this karma?

Nissan Issues Urgent Warning to Stop Driving Older Vehicles Over Exploding Airbag Risk

Nissan urgently advises owners of approximately 84,000 older vehicles to avoid driving them due to the heightened risk of Takata airbag inflators exploding following a fatal incident and multiple inju..

Samsung Under Investigation After Chip Plant Radiation Left Workers Hospitalized

South Korean authorities are investigating Samsung's Giheung plant after two workers were exposed to radiation, prompting hospitalization and suspension of the suspected equipment...

Trump Media Asks Louisiana to Investigate 'Anomalies' Surrounding the Trading of Its Shares

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the owner of former President Donald Trump's social media platform Truth Social, has called on Louisiana's financial regulator to investigate alleged irregular..

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Boeing 737 Accident Injures Several People Amid FAA Investigation
A Boeing 737 caught fire at Senegal Airport, injuring several people amid the new FAA investigation. Here's what happened.
Biden Admin's Anti-Credit Card Junk Fee Regulation Could Face Last-Minute Freeze, Here's Why
The Biden Admin's anti-credit card junk fee regulation could be frozen at the last minute. Will USCOC's request be accepted?
Boeing Faces New Safety Concerns as FedEx Cargo Plane Lands in Istanbul Without Front Gear
A FedEx Airlines Boeing 767 cargo plane landed in Istanbul without its front landing gear, sparking an ongoing investigation, which adds to Boeing's multiple aircraft incidents in 2024 alone.
Google Employees Grill Executives Over Pay Raises and Morale Issues
Google employees express concerns over management decisions and treatment, citing issues such as stagnant compensation, lack of transparency in cost-cutting measures, and job security worries despite
FTX Bankruptcy: Refunds Expected for Most Customers, Excludes Crypto Gains
The plan, pending court approval, details that almost all customers will be reimbursed the funds they are owed, with some receiving amounts exceeding their original claims.
Donald Trump's Estate Tax Cut Renewal Spells $4.6 Trillion Price Tag, Congressional Estimates Reveal
The Congressional Budget Office disclosed that extending the measure would result in an additional cost of $1.1 trillion compared to initial estimates.
JPMorgan Chase Australia Fined Over $500,000 for Allowing Suspicious Client Orders on Wheat Futures Trading
The JPMorgan Chase in Australia has been fined A$775,000 ($509,252) for permitting suspicious client orders on wheat futures trading.
Hy-Vee, Schnucks Recalled Cheese Over Potential Salmonella Contamination That May Cause Food Poisoning
A major American supermarket has requested customers to voluntarily return several cheese spreads due to concerns over salmonella contamination.
NY Retail Theft Ring Busted: Macy's, Ulta Beauty, Other Retailers Targeted in $1M Fencing Operation
Authorities recovered enough stolen property to fill 450 medium cardboard boxes, with Macy's alone accounting for $212,000 worth of the seized goods.
Pfizer Agrees to Settle Over 10,000 That Heartburn Drug Zantac Causes Cancer
Pfizer has agreed to settle over 10,000 lawsuits concerning the alleged connection between its product, Zantac, and cancer.
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