Google Grants UNICEF $1.5 Million and Manpower to Combat Zika Virus

Google grants UNICEF a total of $1.5 million in its battle with Zika virus which has been declared an epidemic by WHO last month. The virus has been linked with microcephaly and neurological illness called Guillain-Barre syndrome. UNICEF and the tech giant will collaborate to map and anticipate the spread of the virus.

BC Clean-tech alliance seeks $500-mln fund from Trudeau

B.C. clean-tech companies have requested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allocate a $500 million venture capital (VC) fund. An alliance comprising 51 clean-tech and investment firms from B.C. provinc..

Israeli investment firms get $665 million in 2016

Israel is witnessing an increasing number of new venture capital (VC) firms coming up. The country registered an inflow of $665 million VC funding during the first two months of the year. Unfazed wit..

Sanders to Hold Fundraiser as Campaign Received Donation of $5.2 Million

Bernie Sanders has cashed in on his small-dollar contributors and raised almost $5.1 million in a sudden, instant fundraiser on his victory night. Without a super-PAC to cushion his campaigns, he has ..

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PonoPlayer surpasses $5M mark on Kickstarter with 16 days more campaign days to go
Neil Young's PonoMusic was able to raise over $5 million for its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its PonoPlayer with 16 more days to go before the campaign ends, TechCrunch reported.
Indian bus ticketing startup Ticketgoose secures INR24 Series B capital via crowdfunding
Chennai, India-based online bus ticketing startup Ticketgoose secured INR24 crore in its Series B round via American crowdfunding platform Indventure to build its brand and marketing campaign.
US-based equity crowdfunding service CircleUp pockets $14M in second funding round
San Francisco, California-based equity crowdfunding service CircleUp pocketed $14 million in its second funding round from Canaan Partners, Google Ventures, and other investors to bridge investors and
Texas startup Junction Investments lets wealthy individuals invest on Hollywood movies online
Texas, US-based crowdfunding company Junction Investments will begin operating on Wednesday to allow wealthy individuals to invest online in fully-funded Hollywood movies, starting with Tom Hanks' "A
California's iHear launches crowdfunding campaign for personalized hearing aids
San Leandro, US-based hearing product developer iHear Medical launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to make personalized hearing aids available for 350 people worldwide with hearing impairmen
Realty Mogul says members have invested $14.6M in properties worth more than $100M
Realty Mogul, a crowdfunding startup focused on the real estate market, said its members invested $14.6 million of equity in properties worth more than $100 million, TechCrunch reported.
UK startup HereO creates GPS watch to monitor kids
London, UK-based wearable tech startup HereO created a GPS watch with a kid-friendly and durable design that can help parents monitor their kids' location through the company's website or mobile app.
PayPal makes changes to rules related to crowdfunding
In an effort to iron out the differences they have with the crowdfunding community, payments platform PayPal has implemented changes on their crowdfunding policies, VentureBeat reported.
India-based RHL Vision Technologies crowdfunds $200K for wearable device Fin
RHL Vision Technologies, an India-based startup, was able to raise $200,000 through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo with 1,600 people pre-ordering their wearable device called Fin, The Times of India
Tighter regulations await crowdfunding sector in UK to facilitate transparency and investor protection
The loan-based crowdfuning sector of the UK will be subject to stricter regulations by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority to safeguard the interests of investors and make it more transparent, the Yo
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