Google Grants UNICEF $1.5 Million and Manpower to Combat Zika Virus

Google grants UNICEF a total of $1.5 million in its battle with Zika virus which has been declared an epidemic by WHO last month. The virus has been linked with microcephaly and neurological illness called Guillain-Barre syndrome. UNICEF and the tech giant will collaborate to map and anticipate the spread of the virus.

BC Clean-tech alliance seeks $500-mln fund from Trudeau

B.C. clean-tech companies have requested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allocate a $500 million venture capital (VC) fund. An alliance comprising 51 clean-tech and investment firms from B.C. provinc..

Israeli investment firms get $665 million in 2016

Israel is witnessing an increasing number of new venture capital (VC) firms coming up. The country registered an inflow of $665 million VC funding during the first two months of the year. Unfazed wit..

Sanders to Hold Fundraiser as Campaign Received Donation of $5.2 Million

Bernie Sanders has cashed in on his small-dollar contributors and raised almost $5.1 million in a sudden, instant fundraiser on his victory night. Without a super-PAC to cushion his campaigns, he has ..

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US-based fitness monitor Moov attains $40K crowdfunding target in 90 minutes
California, US-based next generation fitness tracking device Moov attained its $40,000 target within just 90 minutes and will begin shipping the pre-ordered product by summer this year.
Google's Eric Schmidt to donate $1M to firms that use technology to solve world problems
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said he will be putting money where his mouth is and donating $1 million to companies that will use technology to find solutions to global problems, TechCrunch reported.
US filmmaker Freddie Wong breaks Indiegogo's record for web series with highest crowdfunding contributions
Seattle, Washington-based filmmaker Freddie Wong broke Indiegogo's record for web series crowdfunding when he gathered $900,907 in total contributions on Saturday night for his Internet-based show Vid
Colorado-based historic Jones Theater intends to resort to crowdfunding for renovations
To fund the repairs and renovations of a historic theater in Westcliffe, Colorado, the Jones Theater is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the "GoFundMe" crowdfunding platform starting March 1, the
Ottawa musician Jill Zmud includes husband Alan Neal, CBC Radio host, as part of crowdfunding incentive- report
Jill Zmud, a musician from Ottawa, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for her new album on indiegogo and her perks to get donors to give their donations include her husband, CBC Radio host Alan Neal
American crowdfunding firm Crowdtilt launches Bitcoin-supported open source crowdfunding solution
San Francisco, California-based crowdfunding firm Crowdtilt launched an open source crowdfunding solution called Crowdtilt n that supports Bitcoin and allows anyone to start a campaign on their own we
Jim Rudnick launches Hamilton, Ontario-focused crowdfunding site
KKT Interactive owner and co-founder Jim Rudnick has introduced a crowdfunding site which intends to help entrepreneurs in Hamilton, Ontario, The Hamilton Spectator reported.
Boston's Laforge Optical launches crowdfunding campaign for fashionable smart glasses
Boston, US-based smart eyewear startup Laforge Optical launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $80,000 for the testing and app development for its fashionable smart glasses called Icis.
US Bluetooth controller ring Fin hits $100K crowdfunding target
Palo Alto, US-based Bluetooth controller ring maker Fin hit its $100,000 funding target on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and now wants to stretch its goal to $150,000 to give visually impaired peop
Berkeley-based biotech startup Exogen turns to crowdfunding
Berkeley, US-based biotech startup Exogen Biotechnology turned to crowdfunding to raise money for its DNA damage measuring technology amid shortage of venture capitalists investing in biotech firms.
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