7-Eleven Celebrating 97th Birthday With Free Slurpees and Charity Campaign

7-Eleven is giving out free Slurpees to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals on its 97th birthday.

Elon Musk Declares No Financial Support for Biden or Trump Presidential Campaigns

Elon Musk has announced he will not donate to US presidential candidates Donald Trump or Joe Biden following reports on a weekend meeting with Trump and other wealthy Republican contributors...

Google Grants UNICEF $1.5 Million and Manpower to Combat Zika Virus

Google grants UNICEF a total of $1.5 million in its battle with Zika virus which has been declared an epidemic by WHO last month. The virus has been linked with microcephaly and neurological illness c..

BC Clean-tech alliance seeks $500-mln fund from Trudeau

B.C. clean-tech companies have requested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allocate a $500 million venture capital (VC) fund. An alliance comprising 51 clean-tech and investment firms from B.C. provinc..

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US Bluetooth controller ring Fin hits $100K crowdfunding target
Palo Alto, US-based Bluetooth controller ring maker Fin hit its $100,000 funding target on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and now wants to stretch its goal to $150,000 to give visually impaired peop
Berkeley-based biotech startup Exogen turns to crowdfunding
Berkeley, US-based biotech startup Exogen Biotechnology turned to crowdfunding to raise money for its DNA damage measuring technology amid shortage of venture capitalists investing in biotech firms.
France allows startups to raise $1.4M in crowdfunding, syndicate campaigns
France has become friendlier with young firms as it substantially raises the limits of Kickstarter-like crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding campaigns of French startups to $1.4 million respectively e
UK-based Fuel3D secures $2.6M in early stage funding after raising $300K in Kickstarter
Fuel3D, the UK-based company that raised $300,000 on Kickstarter for its high resolution 3D scanner, has secured $2.6 million for its early stage funding round, TechCrunch reported.
German crowdfunding project The Dash builds wireless smart earphones with fitness sensors
Munich, Germany-based firm Bragi launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to build wireless smart earphones called The Dash, which has sensors that can track fitness activity and vital signs.
Crowdfunding site Kickstarter bags Best Overall Startup at 2013 Crunchies
Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, won the "Best Overall Startup" at the 2013 Crunchies, besting other tough contenders in the category which included Uber, CloudFlare, Snapchat and Twitter, TechCrunch
bRight Switch launches Indiegogo campaign to upgrade US homes' light switches to smart screens
Oregon, US-based startup bRight Switch launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $115,500 for a prototype of a wall-fixed smart tablet that will replace the ordinary home light switch.
Startup Bitcoin Kinetics offers 10 billion shares of Bitcoin-denominated stock
Ten billion shares of common stock were offered by bitcoin firm Bitcoin Kinetics on the website Cryptostocks, Quartz reported. The startup intends to make hardware that enables vending machines to acc
Crowdfunding's effect concerns charities- report
As crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity, its effect towards giving to more established and bigger charities have become a cause for concern among nonprofits, The New York Times reported.
San Francisco's uses crowdfunding to to push scientific research
San Francisco, US-based scientific research crowdfunding platform (formerly Microryza) opened its site to include independent scientists in the scientific communities that the firm supp
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