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Elon Musk Receives Proposal From Nickel-Rich Indonesia to Establish EV Battery Plant in the Country

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has received a proposal from the government of Indonesia to put up an EV battery plant in the country.

US Cycling Industry Fearful of E-Bikes Being Included in New China Clean Tech Tariffs

Advocacy groups within the US bicycle community are calling on domestic stakeholders to reach out to lawmakers regarding the recent EV tariffs...

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Debuts Nuclear Power Company Oklo On NYSE

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has taken his nuclear power company, Oklo, public with shares trading on the NYSE despite facing regulatory hurdles and no revenues yet...

Talking Plants? This Startup Could Help Plants Communicate With Farmers

This startup is helping plants talk! Here's how its technology could benefit the agriculture industry...

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Tesla CEO awaits for Feds to clear Model S in Fires
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is confident that the Model S vehicle would soon be cleared and deemed safe by federal investigators. He isn't expecting a recall and said Tesla engineers are not currently working
CDC Group set to back Green Infra with USD 25 million investment
CDC Group said they would be backing New Delhi-based renewable energy developer Green Infra Ltd with a USD 25 million investment to enhance the latter's production capacity.
Private equity firms turn away from renewable energy investments- report
A report from the Financial News website said private equity companies were now looking for investments in fossil fuels prompted by large discoveries of shale gas in the US.
What to watch in the week ahead
Investors remain inclined to take markets higher in the absence of anything that would suggest equities should fall. The market seems to have hit a stage where strong data helps and weak data affirms
Clean-technology company Therma Flite obtains USD7.5 million funding
Clean-technology company Therma-Flite recently closed a major funding round with Canadian private equity and venture capital firm XPV Capital. Therma-Flite said it raised USD7.5 million in financing.
Top deals of the day - Mergers & Acquisitions
The following bids, mergers, acquisitions and disposals were reported on Wednesday including BNP Paribas, Facebook, Crocs, VTB Capital and Flybe Group.
Goldpoly teams up with Kunlun for joint acquisition of 500MW solar power plants
Goldpoly New Energy Holdings Limited entered into a framework agreement with Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd for a joint acquisition of 500MW of solar energy plants in China and Mongolia.
What to watch in the day ahead
Cisco is expected to report higher quarterly profit for its fiscal first quarter of 2014. The report may uncover any evidence of sales pressure from the U.S. federal government shutdown and weakness i
Foresight acquires UK solar plant for GBP43.7 million
Foresight Solar Fund bought Wymeswold Solar Plant located in Leicestershire for GBP43.7 million in a deal financed from initial public offering (IPO) proceeds raised in October.
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