‘Final Fantasy 14’ Milestone: Square Enix to answer game inconsistency; MMORPG Reaches 5 Million Registered Subscribers

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Aug 31, 2015 03:01 AM EDT

Final Fantasy 14 has officially reached a total of five million active accounts this August. However, recently the game received rants about being inconsistent type of games like the other MMO games out in the market today. 

According to some sources, Square Enix, the game developer behind this successful title Final Fantasy with its latest FFXIV, has made a lot of efforts to overhaul the entire game to revive after its downfall from their previous releases. Part of their move is to release Patch 3.1 to improve airship exploration system, minion battles as well as the new dungeons to include to the game. 

Meanwhile, Square Enix has a lot to celebrate this month. In a released statement, iDigital Times reported that the company's massively multi-player online role playing game. Based from the recent reports, the game surpassed five million registered accounts, all of which are monthly subscribers, excluding those who are only availing a free trial account. Based from the recent data, these gamers came from all over the globe, particularly in Europe, North America, Japan and China.

It was reported by GameSpot that the success of Final Fantasy 14 can be partially caused by the June launch of a new MMO's expansion pack called, "Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward." It was earlier this year, in February, that Final Fantasy 14 surpassed four million active users. With the release of "Heavensward," the report suggested that the recent launch might have boosted the number of active registered online players.

Likewise, the game's 2013 installment entitled, "A Realm Reborn," also left a huge positive impression despite the drastic original launch it had in 2010. By then, the game thrived with account increase and market sales.

Nearly five years ago when the original Final Fantasy 14 was released, former Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada had said in 2011 that "The Final Fantasy brand has been greatly damaged." Now that it rightfully celebrated its rebirth, architect and designer behind "A Realm Reborn" Naoki Yoshida recalled the painstaking process the company has gone through. As IGN have stated, Yoshida was one of the few who redeemed the series.

Wada explained that they tried to regain the trust from their players and fans by launching 'A Realm Reborn after five years that the development took. While doing the said development, they also released thier first expansion pack. Having it released to the public, they are happy about the outcomes of their efforts for a long time.

He added that through PR and at the same time marketing to appeal the fans through the words they will tell them [again after the game's revival], they understood the fact that what the gamers like to see is the kind of game they are offering to deliver in their respective screens. 

Albeit its failures from the past releases, Square Enix is still able to find attainable solutions by adding these patch to add challenge to the game that they could offer for their fans since its release in 2010. "Final Fantasy 14" is still available PS3 and PC platforms up to this date. 

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