Pokemon Z Release Date: Mega Evolution 4 special shows Zygarde possibilities

By Staff Writer

Aug 17, 2015 08:37 AM EDT

As fans obviously awaiting Pokemon Z release date, the franchise has shown the public a glimpse of the Mega Evolution Act 4 Special. The intriguing Pokemon of the said teaser slightly swerved the fans' attention towards figuring out just who- or what they are.

The new Zygarde movie became the biggest talk of the town since its announcement. With ultimate hype circling the Pokémon XY movie, fans expect to see something different, especially with Zygarde destined to appear in a Mega Evolution special. A recent report by Movie Pilot states that the legendary Zygarde may be in for one wild fight if expected to battle or simply go beyond the Yveltal and Xerneas.

Previews of the trailer containing the Mega Evolution 4 Special certainly hit Pokemon fans right in the spot. According to iDigital Times, the presence of two unrecognized Pokemon were spotted on the said trailer. One breed is a tiny blob-like Pokemon; undetermined by the Pokedex.

As the distinction of the Pokemon is unlikely, the only feat that was speculated upon is that these were chipped off pieces of Zygarde's skin, as these small blobby creatures have hexagonal imprints on their backs; identical to those of Zygarde's.

With the talk of Zygarde being the main character in the movie, the blobs which were suspected to be spawned through Zygarde's skin were not the total focus. A huge monolithic being was shown in the clip, and with but a mere shadow-silhouette, it is quite unidentifiable if it was, indeed, Zygarde. Rumors have gone around that the titanic entity could be the mega evolution form of the legendary Zygarde.

Setting aside the talk of the movie, fans have also had their concerns of the game itself. Lazy Gamer recently delivered that fans gamers are curious of the Pokemon Z, being the next big thing in the franchise. As the movie is already well exposed, the game remains as a question mark yet to be addressed.

Pokemon Z promises quite a drastic impact to the franchise, however, any hopes of the game's soon release must still be put on hold, until further news. For the meantime, the Mega Evolution 4 Special may be the only pacifier for Pokefans to indulge.

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