Dan Bilzerian wants to run for president just to attend parties, drops $650K on VIP wristand for Rave party

By Staff Writer

Aug 03, 2015 06:03 AM EDT

Dan Bilzerian is very vocal about his presidency, but unlike Donald Trump he doesn't expect to get elected, he just wants to travel to enjoy parties. His next stop? The Electric Zoo Festival in New York.

Electric Zoo festival goers dropped at least 439 bucks just for VIP passes, but the extremely rich kingpin,Dan Bilzerian seems to have no worries going VIP to the Rave party and just dropped a massive amount of $650,000. He paid a total of $654, 400 on his Black Amex card just for a VIP pass in Randall Island's Electric Zoo Festival, which is considered as one of the most premier American dance music festivals. Most of the cash is for booze with about $500, 000 worth of bottles lined up for Bilzeria and his friends.

The 3- day music festival is said to be attended by over 20,000 partygoers and these people are expected to be waiting in line just to get into the party, but not for Bilzerian. He doesn't have to wait for long hours standing, pushing people, and drinking bottled water just to wait in line, he's ready to pay big cash, not just hundreds of bucks, but thousands just to enter the VIP deck with tables that will hold up to 200 playboy bunnies and guests.

What's even more amazing about him paying big cash is that he also has to enjoy maneuvering and controlling the personal pyro technique displays while getting into the epic techno vibe in the party. It's still not clear and confirmed what the professional poker player's net worth is, but many have thought that he's financially troubled when he sold his Lamborghini to Jersey Shore actor Pauly D way back in March.

But to prove to people he's still very well- off and he can afford anything he wants, he is now spending thousands of dollars just for parties. It's safe to say that everybody seems to want to be friends with Bilzerian and have VIP access with parties.

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