Bill and Ted 3 News: Keanu Reeves reveals movie 'closer' to filiming; Co-actor Alex Winter teases fans a funnier sequel

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Jul 03, 2015 12:01 PM EDT

After years of waiting, Bill and Ted will go on another adventure for Bill and Ted 3. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves revealed that there are plans about the movie, however, details are still scarce and so fans continue to wonder as to when it will finally hit the big screen.

Countless questions are now swirling as to when Bill and Ted will really be back in the big screen. Well, it's been years, and  fans have been waiting for details since 2010. Interviews of Reeves and Winter suggest that they are working on Bill and Ted 3, and it is being thought of, but it might not be realeased soon.

Actor Keanu Reeves's answer, when he talked about Bill and Ted 3 in an interview,  was a bit confusing as it seemed to be somewhere between a yes and  a no when he was asked about their progress in making the movie.  

"We're closer, but no closer. It's really amazing how that can work. We're like closer to the dough, but not closer. We're closer to the script but we're not closer," he said. "We're closer, but we're not closer. But we're still trying to get close to be there." he added. But although Reeves' statement was a bit confusing, it sure has a sense of assurance in it that the film is in the works.

Meanwhile, actor Alex Winter admitted that he's not bothered by being asked about Bill and Ted 3, and said that the upcoming film will be funnier now that both Bill and Ted had already grown older . "I don't mind people asking me about 'Bill & Ted'. It's been such a basic part of my life. I'm now at a point where I've spent more time dealing with it than not. I have no issue with it - that's why we started putting another one together." Winter said.

It's exciting to come back to the characters. The fun thing about them is that they're ageless. You play them in terms of who they are spiritually. Their mannerism and physicality are not tied to age. We played them like 9-year-old kids. They still have that quality. The comic potential of that becomes even better as it becomes more discordant. It will be funnier because they're older." He added.

Although things are pretty much a blur when it comes to the details of the movie, both Reeves' and Winter's statements seem to indicate that they are trying their best to bring it into the big screen. But since there are no specific details yet, fans might have to wait more for new details on Bill and Ted 3. 

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