12 Compelling Evidence Hypnosis is Real

By Staff Writer

May 26, 2015 10:32 AM EDT

Take healed patients' word for it, and learn what medical journals have presented about hypnotherapy, beginning with these 12 evidence hypnosis is real:

  • It can treat panic attacks - Hypnosis is a powerful anti-anxiety intervention; a holistic approach that incorporates hypnotherapy can greatly ease or get rid of panic attacks, something that most patients can attest to.
  • It can alleviate back pain. A well-exercised body can manage pain. Yoga and hypnosis have helped many people relieve back pain.
  • Effective natural remedy - While people generally reach for medicines at the first sign of ailments like migraine, hypnosis has emerged as an effective natural alternative. Hypnotherapy techniques worked better than medication, studies show.
  • It can help people ditch smoking - Hypnosis can train the subconscious mind to do things that may seem difficult to achieve, & gain control over actions/feelings. Hence, hypnosis can be an effective way to curb smoking.
  • Supports weight loss agenda -The mind-body connection of hypnotherapy partly explains how hypnosis can help people shed excess pounds.
  • It can address sexual issues - Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction due to deep-seated sentiments may be lessened with the help of self-hypnosis and cognitive therapy. That's because hidden sentiments or repressed feelings are brought to the fore.
  • It can help people overcome phobias & fears. In many instances, hypnosis has helped patients come to terms with their fears.
  • It can avert the risk of getting type 2 diabetes to an extent. Hypnotherapy is effective in letting a person let his/her body heal, but it's still essential to have good nutritional choices.
  • It can soothe irritable bowel syndrome. Stress-related attacks of IBS can be alleviated by hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has helped treat lots of patients with IBS.
  • Hypnotic selling techniques have been shown to work. Sellers can benefit from the power of autosuggestion and dissolve resistance, especially after building trust.
  • Hypnosis isn't voodoo nor a maneuver that makes people act weird. A hypnotherapist serves as personal coach who can help people alter their negative habits, & pave the path to wellness. It's not how it's portrayed in movies - coercing people to reveal their deep, dark secrets.

These are but 12 evidence hypnosis is real.

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