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The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers, Return: Premiere to feature bad romances, gory zombie armies; 2 major characters dead?

Daryl (Credit: AMC) Does Daryl die in The Walking Dead Season 6?
April 29
7:26 AM 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 will make its much anticipated return to the small screens in five months time. Rumors of The Walking Dead Season 6 are already abuzz all over the internet that fans of the series could no longer contain their excitement. 

Executive producer Greg Nicotero teased that The Walking Dead Season 6 was going to be the show's "biggest season ever." Nicotero also provided some The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers during a recent interview. 

It was revealed that The Wolves, the hostile group that tried to kill Morgan in the previous season would be creating a zombie army in The Walking Dead Season 6. 

"You have people that are basically utilizing the people that they kill as ammunition to build a zombie army,"  said Nicotero. "They are setting booby traps everywhere so they can take people's possessions and then use them to build the walkers in the traps. So it's kind of a diabolical plan." 

Should the show follow the storyline in the comic book, the zombie army should lead to the destruction of the Safe-Zone's walls. This would ultimately lead to numerous deaths in the series. This is already shaping up to be an exciting plot in the upcoming season. 

Will there be romance for Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Season 6? Fans will be disappointed that Rick Grimes finding love won't be happening, at least not anytime soon. 

While there were initial sparks between Grimes and Jessie last season, all that ended when Rick shot Jessie's abusive husband Pete on the head. 

"I don't think it would be out of the question for something to spark between Rick and Jessie, because it already did," said Nicotero. "I do believe that Jessie was torn between her marriage to Pete and her attraction to Rick."

"But there are also a lot of other things you have to think about. Now, Rick basically murdered the father of her children. I can't imagine that's going to be something [she's] going to be able to get over easily."  he added.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will also showcase some character deaths, included two major characters. Fan favorite Daryl Dixon is one of those characters who are rumored to be killed off and replaced in the upcoming season. The character's death would anger a lot of fans and even cause them to boycott the show. 

"I hope my character serves the story of the show. Nobody wants to go on the show, because it's really fun," said actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl in the show "I think if they ever killed me on the show, I think I wouldn't want to die. I'd just want to walk up a hill, and walk down a hill. And as I get to the top, a little puppy would come out of the woods and follow me up and over the hill."

The Walking Dead Season 6 will be introducing two new characters Delvin and Tucker.

The Walking Dead Season 6 returns to AMC in October.

Are you excited for The Walking Dead Season 6? Do you think Daryl will be killed off in the next season? Let us know in the comments below.  

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