Ukrainians Can Now File Online Compensation Claims as Register Opens of Damage to Homes Caused by Russia's Invasion

By Jace Dela Cruz

Apr 04, 2024 06:23 AM EDT

Ukrainians can now start filing claims for damage to their homes as a result of Russia's invasion at a newly established register that opened Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Tuesday that more than 100 people have already filed online claims.

In a conference organized by the Dutch government to discuss legal accountability, Kuleba noted that it was not only a "sign of how high the demand is, but it's also a sign of how thirsty people are for justice."

Demonstrators carry a giant Ukrainian flag as they parade through the streets in Tbilisi on February 24, 2024, during a rally to mark the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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Ukrainians Seek Compensation for Damage to Their Homes Caused by Russia War

Established by the Council of Europe in 2023, the Hague-based Register of Damage Caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, also known as RD4U, initially focuses on damage to real estate but would be expanded to also include those related to damage or destruction of Ukrainian critical infrastructure.

Despite the surge in the number of initial applicants, Ukraine and the Council of Europe expect a much bigger figure. The council expects between 300,000 and 600,000 claims, while Ukraine expects at least eight million.

Ukraine reportedly wanted to use frozen Russian assets to pay for war damages and reparations to victims. Kuleba said the claims were the "first material step" being taken, adding that it was "no less important to establish an international compensation mechanism in full and confiscate frozen Russian assets."

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Who Can File Claims for Damage to Their Homes in Ukraine

According to Reuters, Ukrainian citizens and even foreigners who suffered damage in Ukraine following Russia's invasion in February 2022 can apply for claims via a special app that is also used to settle legal transactions and keep official documents digital.

However, it does not guarantee compensation but is a stepping stone toward an international compensation mechanism that has not yet been established.

International law has a rule that an aggressor nation must compensate for all damage caused by its unlawful actions, which means Russia must compensate Ukraine and Ukrainians for the damage caused by the war. 

However, this rule does not guarantee that the people affected by the war will receive the compensation they deserve, especially given Moscow's disregard for international law.

In February, the World Bank estimated that Ukraine would need $486 billion to rebuild the country, but Kyiv noted the amount could double if compensation for the victims of war is taken into account.

During the conference, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy used a video message to urge delegates to continue in their efforts to combat impunity for war crimes.

In a closing declaration, 44 countries pledged to work on establishing a special tribunal for investigating and prosecuting crimes of aggression against Ukraine, where Russian leaders could be held accountable and prosecuted. 

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