The Hidden Benefits of Gaming for Students

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December 7
8:39 AM 2022

A recent study in the International Journal of STEM Education reports that "digital games can achieve diversified STEM learning goals that enhance students' learning motivation, improve their understanding of knowledge concepts, and cultivate their problem-solving abilities." It later concludes that "digital games can effectively promote and enhance students' learning achievement in STEM education... "

Beyond teaching science, technology, engineering and math concepts, STEM education supports:

  • confidence

  • critical thinking 

  • problem solving 

  • teamwork 

  • communication skills and more

These skills are critical to a student's ability to integrate into a developing society that depends heavily on technology and soft skills that are beneficial in the classroom, workplace and personal relationships.

Gaming Concepts is a STEM-accredited program that helps schools integrate scholastic gaming experiences into their school through STEM and CTE peer-reviewed curriculum, esports training programs, and tournament passes. 


Gaming Concepts' standards-based, peer-approved curriculum offers teachers lesson overviews, and step-by-step instructions for projects as well as:

  • Opens up college and career readiness support 

  • Supports diversity through inclusivity

  • Focuses on social-emotional learning

  • Offers improved attendance and grades

  • Promotes increased student engagement

  • Focuses on mental health

  • Encourages purposeful play

  • Follows CTE Pathways

Esports Training Programs

The unique online training program shows teachers how to train their students in important life skills while playing the games they love. Teachers have access to a library of professional training programs that show them how to coach students on some of the most popular games at every skill level without being an expert. The program offers teachers training in the areas of mind, health, esports teams and tournaments.

Tournament Passes

Schools that join the Gaming Concepts program have the opportunity to compete against a community of over 3,000 schools at virtual, regional, and national events. Tournament benefits include:

  • Competitions in the most popular games

  • Eligibility for $16 million in scholarships from U.S. colleges

  • An unlimited number of students can join local, regional, and national competitions

  • Access to additional funding to get team equipment, jerseys, and more

Dr. Kristy Custer, President of Educational Innovation at Gaming Concepts, points out that the program is not about teaching kids how to play video games. They already know how to do that. The STEM-based curriculum is designed to motivate students to learn the skills they need by offering it in a familiar form.

"We're teaching how video games can be used as the hook 

to reel students in by meeting them where they are,
in the video game world, and carrying

that over into the education world." 

- Dr. Kristy Custer, President of Educational Innovation

Reports have estimated that 73-76% of kids between ages 2 and 18 play video games. According to Insider Intelligence

Gen Z is the first generation to have 24/7 access to the internet, connected devices, and social media since birth. As a result, they see the physical and digital worlds as a seamless continuum of experiences that blend offline and online information for entertainment, commerce, and communication.

Understanding the unique learning needs of students must include how they best process information and the best form to receive it. This is especially important when creating educational resources. 

One of the many strengths of gaming is its high potential for positive impact when used in a way that supports a child's developing brain. According to a recent study, video gaming supports cognitive performance in children. Gaming offers players a way to engage with a like-minded community and feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. This is only one of many mental health benefits that gaming provides. 

"Engagement in the school community is important. Prior to their participation in esports, nearly 80% of students shared that they have never participated in any extra-curricular activity. As educators, we focus a lot on the individual plan 

of study, but I think we need to focus on the individual
plan of engagement. What is going to keep students
coming to school? What is their why?"
- Dr. Michael Russell, Education and Esports Integration

With multiple distractions vying for kids' attention in school and outside of school, engaging Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) and Generation Alpha (the generation that follows) can be challenging. Gaming Concepts has mastered the art of student engagement by teaching necessary skills in a way that is appealing and fun. 

To learn more about Gaming Concepts and how schools can take part, visit the Gaming Concepts' website

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