Could 5G's Emergence Supercharge the Excitement of Live-Streamed Events?

By David Thompson

Aug 16, 2022 12:43 PM EDT

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash(Libby Penner on Unsplash) (Credit: Getty Image)

In many parts of the world, the long-awaited fifth-generation wireless network technology is now available. By 2025, it's expected that more than a billion people will be using 5G networks.

It makes sense, then, that businesses should take advantage of this new technology, particularly when it comes to live-streamed events. 5G can make these events much better for all involved, and that can boost your profits. Read on to find out more. 

More Live Streaming 

It is anticipated that 5G networks would function at lightning speeds, perhaps operating at speeds up to one thousand times faster than today's 4G/LTE networks. Because of this, streaming services will improve, and new methods of delivering streamed events to far-flung viewers will emerge in the events business, where live streaming has become a need, particularly if you choose to include a live webcast platform in your marketing. 

There are many people who would want to watch events, but for various reasons, they are unable to do so. All the main social media sites, as well as many more, now provide live streaming of events. In a 5G network, live streaming will be much more streamlined. The proliferation of this network opens up new opportunities for the incorporation of technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Increased Opportunities For Participants 

Event planners will be able to give their guests more value and a better experience with 5G networks. Already, events use a lot of technology, like computerised festival coins and wristbands, among other things. With 5G networks, all of these benefits can be made much better. People who go to events will be able to use their phones to access smarter, better-curated events where they can do things like pre-order drinks and plan the best festival experience for social media.

5G can make network services much better than they are now because it can support events in remote places, transfer data faster, and improve graphics and streaming. With the help of this lightning-fast network, the apps and technologies that are already in use will be able to get better, and new ones that aren't possible yet will start to show up.

Immersive And Second Screen Experiences 

The live performance experience has evolved into a multi-screen spectacle. People use their phones and other mobile devices to enhance their experience during live events, even whether they are physically present at the venue.

Those in attendance at a game can also benefit from 5G-enabled devices. One example is the usage of a mobile app that superimposes data on the team's players over a live feed of the game. Using VR goggles, customers can also see the game from various perspectives, thus turning every seat into a first-class box.

Ease Of Event Planning 

Data collecting, live-streaming, communication, security, and numerous other facets of event preparation are rapidly becoming inseparable from the internet. An easily available, dependable, and lightning-fast network will not only facilitate the use of existing tools and methods that contribute to the uniqueness of events, but will also inspire creative new approaches to event planning in the future.

The advent of 5G promises to alter our lives, and the event planning sector will be able to make great strides ahead with the support of the newest network.

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