How Dr. Amin Sanaia Achieved Success With a Positive Mindset

By David Thompson

Jun 10, 2022 12:56 PM EDT

Dr. Amin Sanaia(Dr. Amin Sanaia) (Credit: Getty Image)

When looking from a distance, the road to success might seem easy and achievable. Many people misunderstand this and believe that getting somewhere in life can't be that difficult. However, the road and journey taken to attain the highest levels of success are full of hurdles and hindrances. Patience, perseverance, and dedication are required to achieve the best.

A dedicated public speaker and aspiring entrepreneur, Dr. Amin Sanaia's purpose in life has been to positively impact people's lives. Giving them the right love and care is what Dr. Amin lives for. He is currently working on developing methods that will help transform workplaces completely. 

This transformation will include a culture of loving people and appreciating them. Building an engaged and optimistic workforce is what he works towards. He has successfully promoted excellence throughout business structures and, most importantly, in the employees' everyday environments. 

Understanding how people work and what impacts their behavior has helped Dr. Amin build effective strategies. It's safe to say that Dr. Amin is a champion when it comes to culture-building and enhancing each employee's life in the workplace.

His major accomplishments include receiving JMT (John Maxwell) certification as a coach, trainer, and speaker. Moreover, Dr. Amin has also received his PI (predictive index) certification and has been the recipient of the Bronze National Quality Award (AHCA/NCAL) twice (2019 and 2013). These are remarkable achievements.

Making it this far was not easy and came with its fair share of challenges. Dr. Amin grew up with many uncomfortable changes and cultural differences. He and his family moved to America when he was young, and keeping up with that major change was not easy. He and his family's lifestyle changed considerably, and it wasn't easy to keep up with this as a child. 

But this stage of his life helped him set better goals for his future. Dr. Amin decided that he deserved better and that he would do anything to improve his life. Today, he takes pride in everything he has been able to accomplish. Dr. Amin looks forward to establishing a non-profit organization in his late brother's name. 

This non-profit organization will support people from different countries and offer scholarships to minorities in the country. Dr. Amin considers this a method of giving back and wants to make sure this happens as soon as possible. He is already working towards this aim. 

Dr. Amin's advice to others is to never give up on your dreams and practice perseverance. No matter the circumstances, your willingness to fight for your dreams should always be there. Along with that, having a positive mindset is important as well. 

He has invested ample time in researching and understanding that the mind is a powerful part of our existence. Mastering the art of positive thinking is extremely important. He transformed his life completely when his negative mindset was no longer part of his life. 

People like Dr. Amin are rarely found in this world. His passion for what he aspires to do and everything he's achieved so far is truly inspiring, making him an inspiration for the next generation. 

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