PAYING THINGS FORWARD: Flexxbuy’s Triumphant Journey Towards Providing Financing Options To Businesses Of All Sizes

By David Thompson

Jun 07, 2022 02:21 PM EDT

Bob Lovinger(Bob Lovinger) (Credit: Getty Image)

The financial payments industry has seen some significant changes since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic two years back. Industry analysts have revealed that the breakout of COVID-19 further accelerated the digitization of the financial payments segment-making the year 2022 an inflection point in the way consumers and businesses cement the way they make their purchases.

The move towards digitalization has accelerated the segment's various sections, including peer-to-peer (P2P), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. In line with this, stakeholders that earn from the collection of these payments, which are usually made up of acquirers and processors, networks, and issuers, are now trying to keep up with changes in the way people and companies transact.

In keeping with the times, Flexxbuy, a new and easy financing payment alternative, is making its way to the market with the ultimate goal of in-house customer financing options for consumers regardless of their credit score.

Bob Lovinger established the company in 2015-Back when financing was reserved for only a few verticals.

He shares, "Back in 2015, when we were starting out, our purpose was to democratize customer financing. Since it was constrained to only a few industry verticals, we have been on a mission to provide customer financing to businesses of all sizes-big or small."

Lovinger reveals that Flexxbuy offers an application on a single platform with around 35  lenders.  

Flexxbuy has been educating businesses. 

Based on recent studies, the top three verticals making use of customer financing options are retail, home improvement and medical.

Lovinger explains that some customer financing groups tend to operate based on preference. "Some lenders have certain comfort zones across certain areas where they feel very comfortable to lend funding. In contrast, Flexxbuy does not operate based on preference or a favored vertical. We treat each client in the same way and extend the best assistance that we can to help fund their needs."

To date, Flexxbuy operates on a nationwide scale. With its head offices based in Florida, the company's sales partners are spread out across the country-all ready to extend a helping hand to businesses in need of financing.  

The company offers financing opportunities across the following industries-auto repair, patient financing, home repair and improvement, retail, vocational and trade school financing, coaching and attorney retainer and legal fee financing. 

"Flexxbuy is ready to assist businesses of all types, sizes, ages and sales methods. We offer specialized financing platforms that have been designed to address your needs. Rest assured, we remain fully committed to making sure we match you up with a financing option that best suits you," concluded Lovinger.

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