Arctic Bearz - A Unique NFT Linked With the Preservation of Polar Bears

By David Thompson

Jan 17, 2022 12:57 PM EST

Arctic Bearz - A Unique NFT Linked With the Preservation of Polar Bears(Saravana Kumar) (Credit: Getty Image)

It stands amongst the few projects which have aimed at saving the endangered species through crypto space.

Non-Fungible Tokens, more popularly known as NFTs, have gained tremendous popularity since the past few years with cryptocurrencies coming to the forefront of the financial world. With cryptocurrencies gaining it's strong foothold over the industry, NFTs weren't left far behind and picked up pace at lightning speed. This paved the way for numerous NFT projects finding its way into the Metaverse. Out of the many NFTs that have been floating around comes one that holds much promise as it is associated with a social cause of saving endangered animals - polar bears, called Arctic Bearz.

What's unique about this NFT project?

Arctic Bearz has been created with the aim of getting the issue of climatic change affecting life to the forefront through the ever-growing world of cryptocurrencies. The project's objective is to donate a part of its proceeds to charities supporting polar bears, which are on the verge of getting endangered due to climatic changes that are destroying the glaciers. To start with it would have a total of 3,500 NFTs for minting with its early supporters getting the top most position in the whitelist. Arctic Bearz allows the creation of a unique polar bear collection while simultaneously donating 5% of its proceeds towards the WWF foundation which specializes in saving these animals. The aim is to draw the attention of the NFT community towards this cause, which would help save these creatures. Their main objective is to create a whole sustainable ecosystem via a sustainable breeding framework. Those who have been supporting the project right from its inception will secure their place in the white list.

Integrating the advanced ImmutableX's framework in its system:

Arctic Bearz uses the ImmutableX technology which uses a layer 2 protocol used for trading Ethereum NFTs that gives instant trade confirmation along with zero gas fees without compromising on the users' ownership. Immutable X is one technology which enables minting and trading NFTs easily as compared to any other digital asset. Arctic Bearz has integrated this advancement in its system to give its members an out of the world experience. What's interesting here is that one can use Ethereum without shelling out gas fees, making it an attractive proposition.

The pre-sale and public launch:

The official launch will be announced shortly, and the mint price will also be revealed in due course of time. As of now the pre-sale and whitelist price is around 0.1 ETH in pre-sale. The mint price for public launch is 0.3 ETH, and users will be able to mint 4 Bearz on public sale. These are tentatively priced at present and there would be changes in the pricing on its launch. The project is all set to launch shortly and one can stay updated about its latest happenings through its website

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