What are the Benefits of Running a Virtual/Hybrid Investor Event?

(Credit: sergeitokmakov via Pixabay) What are the Benefits of Running a Virtual/Hybrid Investor Event?
December 30
2:06 PM 2021

You've heard this one before: COVID rocked the corporate world. At the outset, companies all around the world had to face the alarming reality they couldn't host their investor events and conferences as usual once lockdowns were in place. 

With in-person meetings cancelled, many embraced a totally virtual program. But now, as the world slowly reopens and restrictions lift, you should consider adopting a hybrid approach to your events. 

Hybrid investor conferences blend the best of both worlds - a physical event for those who want to see the presentation face-to-face and a virtual option for those who can't attend. 

Is this something that could work for your next event? To help you decide whether you should reimagine your next virtual event as a hybrid, check out the benefits of hybrid investor conferences below.  

Increased Outreach 

Traditional in-person virtual events alienate a good portion of your shareholder base. It locks out anyone unable to travel due to time, work constraints, or mobility.

By adopting a hybrid system, you throw open the doors to your entire shareholder base. Anyone unable or unwilling to attend in-person can easily hop on the presentation through their laptop or mobile phone, and their participation could lend valuable insights.

Monetization Opportunities

Increasing your outreach makes you more valuable to sponsors. After all, they only want to sponsor events guaranteed to expose them to the greatest number of people. And with hybrid investor conferences, you double the eyes on their brand. 

Discuss sponsorship options when shopping around for webcasting companies. Some tech makes it easy to give sponsors virtual booths and breakout sessions. 

Content Accessible After Event

Hybrid virtual conferences make it possible for anyone to revisit your presentation after it's over.  That's because sophisticated webcasting companies help you host this video for as long as you want it available on your website.

This archival footage comes in handy for anyone who missed the live event online or in person. It's also available for attendees who want to return to your presentation and rewatch it at their own pace, pausing to take notes or research online. 

Valuable Data Available

With the right IR tools, you can collect more data through the hybrid model. Not only can you speak face-to-face with in-person attendees, but you can also collect valuable analytics from your digital guests. The best webcasting companies will deliver these analytics and feedback in a way that's easy to integrate into your overall CRM program.

Contingencies in Place

The world may be slowly returning to normal, but COVID is far from beat, and the corporate world has not reverted to its pre-COVID routines just yet. There may be an unforeseen problem in the future that makes it impossible to host an in-person event - whether that's another lockdown or a natural disaster.

Hybrid investor conferences are already set up for a virtual delivery of your presentation, so you'll have something to fall back on should anything interfere with your physical event. 

Will Hybrid Investor Conferences Become the New Normal?

As the fight against the pandemic continues, there's no telling how long COVID will impact your events rollout. In the meantime, hybrid investor conferences set you on solid ground for your upcoming schedule. 

Just be sure to partner with an IR specialist in webcasting to help you avoid the possible pitfalls of juggling both in-person and virtual options. With their help, you'll tap into better analytics and improve your outreach with a hybrid model. 

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