What’s Better? An Emergency Loan or Monthly Savings? Top Custom Made Applications to Manage Your Finances

By David Thompson

Oct 11, 2021 10:56 AM EDT

What’s Better? An Emergency Loan or Monthly Savings? Top Custom Made Applications to Manage Your Finances(Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels) (Credit: Getty Image)

Being financially secure means that you have to keep track of your earnings along with your spendings. Most of the time there are unaccounted small expenses that seem insignificant at the moment. Yet they can pile up quickly and cause you budget problems. Solution? Your priority should be to get your money in order. It sounds easy, but it requires some hard work. Managing personal finances or business finances can get overwhelming. To solve this problem, various custom-made money management apps exist whose role is to simplify everything. 

Before we get into the types of apps that have been created you should know that there are two types of people: spenders and savers. So it is essential for a budget app to cater to both types of people. For spenders, the app must offer plans for reducing costs and mindful spending. And for people who want to save money, the app should offer manageable ways to accumulate wealth. The best budgeting app for you or your business would be the one that helps you understand your income and as well as your spending. These budgeting apps come at different affordable prices, some are even free, and are simple to integrate with your bank accounts.

We have listed down the best apps for personal savings or business spendings so you can start managing your budget right away.


Mint is the most popular app with over 25 million users. This app is free and is friendly to use. It allows you to set up bill payment reminders and even track investments.

Pocket Guard 

This app uses an algorithm to track income, expenses, and savings goals to inform you how much you can spend every day. These spending limits make it easier to quit overspending and take control of your financial goals.

Personal Capital 

Personal Capital is essentially an investment tool, but it's a free app that includes features useful for budgeters looking to monitor their spending. This app also has a net worth tracker and portfolio breakdown.

Tez Financial App

Tez Financials app bridges the gap between microfinance & people from across all social classes by providing nano loans to those who need them for urgent use. Owing to Tez Financials, more than 0.1 million people in Pakistan have instant access to cash, enabling quicker & simpler transactions through technology. This app is designed and developed by Venturedive.

You need a budget 

You Need a Budget promotes the zero-sum budgeting strategy. The concept is to "give every dollar a job." Because of this you'll spend every amount of money intentionally and won't waste money away on unnecessary purchases.

Clarity Money

It becomes difficult for businesses to keep track of money if they offer subscription models. ClarityMoney app helps you manage, monitor, and terminate any subscriptions that are no longer active, saving you and your business money. 

Quickbooks online

If you are not an accountant, QuickBooks is the app for your business. It is recognized as one of the best finance apps available because of its friendly usability. Key features include necessary accounting management for taxes and inventory. 


This mobile app can manage either or both of the accounts receivable and accounts payable functions for a small business. It includes features like invoicing customers and managing day-to-day finances.


Wally app is a completely free app to manage your business expenses. Plus it has an added feature of receipt scanning to expedite the data entering the process. 


This app has the ability to gather all financial information from all the business bank accounts and credit cards you sync it with.  It gives a comprehensive overview of your spending and will analyze and generate forecasts based on your financial activity.

To sum up, whether it's your own personal account or it's a matter of your business, you are the best decision-maker. Which saving app will serve you the most will also depend on the situation. Sometimes an emergency loan is required and these apps have offers that can solve your financial problems. But sometimes saving up every month will do the trick.

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