Top 10 Car Insurance Startups to Watch in 2021

By Ernest Hamilton

Mar 25, 2021 03:52 PM EDT

Top 10 Car Insurance Startups to Watch in 2021(Top 10 Car Insurance Startups to Watch in 2021) (Credit: Getty Image)

Car Insurance is probably the first thing you do for yourself after you get a car. The state policies across the world make it compulsory for vehicles to have insurance. With so many competing insurance companies emerging recently, it can be a tough choice to select the best plan for your car. Therefore, to simplify the initial process, we've compiled for you a list of some of the best Car Insurance Startups that you can opt for in 2021.


Zego is a car insurance company based in London, UK. Founded in 2016, Zego has already insured up to 200,000 for various businesses and services. Zego has various pricing options available that range from a week to a year. The company has a responsive website and you can get a quote easily without having to go through the trouble of speaking with any representative or agent first.


Next on our list is Naked. This company from Johannesburg, South Africa is another AI-based car insurance company. Naked was founded in 2016 and since then it has been a famous name in the market. With its easy availability on iOS and Android, users find it easy to interact with and they usually get their quotes and rates in seconds. Along with information, Naked also approves the claims made in quick time on the app, without any hassle and much paperwork which is a headache in other companies.


Insuranks is an insurance company based in Israel. The website of the company is fairly simple to use and it helps users get quotes instantly. Another thing this company does is that it makes your car insurance rate comparison easier. It is simple to use and users get their claims instantly. It is an educational online insurance marketplace that ranks customers according to their customer experience.


Inshur is another great insurance company to look for. The startup was initiated in 2016 and its headquarters are based in the USA. However, it is also functional in the UK these days. The responsive website with flexible prices and packages according to customers is one of the reasons for its quick success.


Gabi insurance company helps you find the right insurance offer from the top companies around the globe. The website helps you get free quotes and saves a lot of your time. You can check rates from more than 40 companies and select the one you like. Gabi also helps you cancel your old policy so you can start saving money from the new much cheaper policy.


Metromile is another quite famous company, mainly famous for its low rates and its unique policy of charging according to distance traveled. The company says that you should be just charged for what you drive and offers options like mileage and fuel tracking to keep hold of consumer insurance rates.


Established in New York, USA Policygenius provides insurance of all types. Its car insurance policies are very simple and straightforward. With a very user-friendly website, it helps users easily compare insurance packages and select the best one according to their budget and car.


Founded in 2016, Clearcover allows users to interact with various insurance deals. The startup has a very easy-to-use mobile application that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. Having a 90% customer satisfaction rate, Clearcover also went on to win the 2020 Mobile Web Award.


TheZebra is another famous insurance company based in Austin, USA. It was founded 9 years ago and has more than 200 child insurance companies on board with them right now. They ask the user to fill up an online form and then provide them real-time quotes from car insurance companies.


Founded in 2014, Cuvva provides easy insurance for customers. With no hidden fees, it just costs you the insurance rates, and with its user-friendly mobile application, you can get insurance any time anywhere you want. Cuvva also solves your claims quickly, giving you the claim, just over the mobile phone.


Gone are the days when some insurance companies used to exploit clients for years at times. These startups make life easier and help you save a lot of money by comparing different companies' prices and provide you an easier interface to interact with the company. Also, it saves you the hassle of waiting in offices and going over paperwork, as now you can get insurance just with a click on your mobile phone or computer.

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