8 Ways To Safely and Effectively Rebuild Your Health and Life

(Credit: pixabay) 8 Ways To Safely and Effectively Rebuild Your Health and Life
November 10
10:33 PM 2020

When we examine the totality of our lives, particularly as we become older, we start to realize one thing: Many of us have neglected our health over the years. Once this reality hits us, it's time to go to work. We rush down to our local gym, sign up for a membership and begin buying workout-related apparel.

While this is a harmless event, it should be noted that health and fitness begin with examining the mechanisms that operate below the surface of our skin. If you're ready to change your fitness, health and hormone production for the better, here are some easy-to-implement habits that will revolutionize your well-being.

1. Travel

The best way to appreciate what you have is to explore cultures that are different than yours. Although traveling may be somewhat tricky in the foreseeable future, consider trekking to new locations. Interact and communicate with the locals to understand their point of view and culture. Who knows, it may change your world views and cause you to become an introspective and caring individual.

2. Meditation

Meditation is, without a doubt, slowly becoming a superpower for those who choose to practice the discipline. Although meditation has many underlying religious and spiritual components, the practice has real-world benefits that can change the physical structure of our brain.

A neuroscientist from Harvard by the name of Sara Lazar found individuals who meditated regularly were able to grow their brain's gray matter. Moreover, these individuals were able to process emotions, improve their memory recall and take educated actions that would help them later in life. If that weren't enough, meditative practices have a yet-to-be-understood link with our human growth hormone levels.

3. Diet

Diet is the fuel that we use to tackle life's most challenging tasks and obstacles. When we put the incorrect fuel into our tank, getting from where we are to where we want to be, becomes an impossibility.

Knowing this, we must consume foods that boost our HGH levels and keep us energized. Although this is not a comprehensive list of foods you should try, it's a great starting point:

  • Raspberries

  • Fava beans

  • Broccoli

  • Raisins

  • Cacao

  • Lean turkey

  • Coconut

  • Fatty fish

4. Reading

For readers that find traveling quite taxing, reading should be your next option. Reading allows us to explore worlds -- imaginary and real -- from the comfort of our home or coffee shop. In conjunction with this, individuals who read regularly can fall asleep easily, focus on pertinent tasks, control their impulses efficiently and connect with others with greater ease. 

5. HRT

Human growth hormone (HGH) is the cornerstone of a healthy and happy life. When our levels begin to decline with age, problems such as irritability, muscle loss, decreased bone density and lack of sexual desire plague our days.

Knowing this, we must consider hormone replacement therapy with such commonly prescribed brand as Omnitrope HGH as a remedy for our problems. Find a local clinic and have your blood taken. From here, your doctor will tailor an HRT plan that will have you feeling 20 again!

6. Sports

Sports are something that we often take for granted. When we think of kicking a ball around or throwing the pigskin with a group of friends, we forget how influential it can be for our health.

Scientists are now beginning to understand the impact team-related activities have on our well-being. In their findings, men and women who participated in athletic activities with friends and teammates were less likely to experience anxiety and depression. Moreover, these individuals showcased regularity and efficiency within their growth hormone levels and production.

7. Massage

Now that you're becoming more active and pushing your body to its limit, getting a high-quality massage is imperative. A massage will improve blood flow to key areas throughout your body that have accrued damage and inflammation. When essential nutrients and oxygen are abundant within these regions, recovery becomes a piece of cake!

8. Recovery

Lastly, we approach the topic of sleep. Science has long-since known the superpowers that restorative rest can provide when we get seven to eight hours every night.

If you're someone that opts to stay up late to play games or finish up work, realize the harm you're causing yourself. Emotional instability, brain fog and difficulty concentrating begin to control your life when you don't prioritize your rest.

The Bottom Line

We won't lie to you: Getting into great shape and rebuilding your life is not going to come overnight. But with that said, the reward justifies the journey. If you're someone that has become bored, dulled or jaded by life, try the steps listed above to improve your hormone levels and appreciation for life.

Remember that your journey towards a happy and fulfilling lifestyle starts with the small, incremental changes that you make today. Although we don't expect you to incorporate all of these habits into your routine immediately, start small and build upon them.

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