5 Warehouse Tools Your Business Needs

(Credit: 5 Warehouse Tools Your Business Needs) 5 Warehouse Tools Your Business Needs
October 20
2:09 PM 2020

If you're starting a business, you have much to consider. You'll need to hire the right employees. You must make sure you have the funding in place.

You'll also need the materials to create your products. You'll need a place to store and package them. Eventually, you'll need to transport them to retailers as well.

You'll need much of this in your warehouse space. With that in mind, let's look at some tools you'll need if you're ready to start product mass-production soon.

Jib Cranes

One of the first things your warehouse may need is a jib crane. A jib crane:

  • Is a horizontal main lifting arm and a vertical support

  • Can connect to a floor mounting system or wall

Jib cranes are vital if you have materials you want to transport from one warehouse area to another. You can use them in outside environments as well, such as shipping yards.

Any time you are mass-producing anything and have extensive raw material amounts to move around, you need one of these if not more than one. You can use one to lift and transport materials either in a semicircle or a full circle.

Conveyor Belts

You'll also probably need conveyor belts as part of any fully-functioning warehouse that's mass-producing your products. Conveyor belts:

  • Carry products from one area to another

  • Are probably the most efficient transport method to set up in a warehouse environment

You want your conveyor belt system to be flexible. Gravity should influence them. In other words, the belts should guide products either slightly downhill or on an even trajectory.

What matters with conveyor belts is the power system you have in place to operate them. You want one that you can stop and start easily in case there's ever an accident.

You also want a cost-effective power system. Assuming yours operates on electricity, you don't want it to run up a huge monthly bill.

Packaging Equipment

Your warehouse will also need packaging equipment, assuming you want to package your products there. It makes sense to do this for logistical purposes rather than moving the products elsewhere and wrapping them there.

Your packaging area will need tables. It will probably need stretch-wrap machines. It may require industrial scales to make sure you have the right material amount for each product batch.

Material Handling Capabilities

You'll need several different material handling tools. You will probably want some hand trucks, pallet jacks, and possibly forklifts as well. You can either rent these or buy them.

You might start by renting them if you don't have a lot of ready capital. You can then buy some later as you begin to have more money coming in.

You'll want to be sure you hire the right people to handle things like the pallet jacks and forklifts. You need a license to operate most warehouse equipment, and you want individuals who can move in a fast-paced environment.

You probably have store locations waiting on your products, and you'll likely have daily and weekly warehouse production quotas.

Storage System

You will also need to have a storage system for your products. You might only have the completed merchandise in the warehouse for a short amount of time, but while it's there, you need to make sure it's safe and out of the way.

Your storage system will likely include pallet racks. These are enormous racks where you can stack your pallets with the finished products on them.

It will need shelving units where you can easily fit your products. You might install these permanently in one spot, or you can have ones that you can easily disassemble if you want to rearrange or repurpose the warehouse.  

You might even have some specialty racks where you can keep the limited-edition products. Maybe you have some holiday editions that you want to keep separate from the regular merchandise, for instance.

One final thing you'll need is a space through which you can quickly move your finished products. That will probably be a loading dock at the warehouse's rear.  

You'll want to make sure to set yourself up in a more industrial area. That way, you won't disturb any residents with the noise you'll probably make.

If you're almost ready to set up your manufacturing operation, you're probably excited. Hopefully, you'll find the right team to help you in every product creation aspect. If the world likes what you have to offer, this could be the start of something amazing for you.

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