How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo and Other Issues Easily at Home

July 13
9:26 AM 2020

Like any other device, iPhone may sometimes have breakdowns or freezes. Some of the most common problems are error 4013, overheating which makes the phone switch off, or others. You can find iPhone stuck on apple logo or iPhone stuck in boot loop when you restart it or switch it on. These issues are annoying but they are easy to fix at home. All you need is to know which actions to take, or which app will make the phone work again. This article will help to deal with the most popular issues easily at home.

Update iTunes or Operating System

Sometimes, device wouldn't update its operating system and show iTunes error 4013 warning. That means device cannot be restored, which is quite problematic because you cannot use phone until it's fixed. Still, there are effective solutions. First, try installing the latest version of iTunes on computer, which might fix iPhone error 4013. That may help with minor software issues. If that doesn't work, it's time to check if computer works well. In many cases of errors, a simple update may be helpful. 

Force Restart Your Phone

Force restarting the phone might help if there is a problem with iPhone black screen. In this case, you cannot answer a call or use phone in any way. In this case, you need different button combinations for restarting phone. Pressing power button together with Home button simultaneously helps in most cases. Still, if you have iPhone 7 Plus or 7, you need a combination of power button and volume down button. This method can also help if you have iPhone stuck on Apple logo and other issues with starting your phone. For model 8 or later ones, there is a more advanced button combination. First press volume up, then volume down, after which hold the power button for iPhone 8 and the side button for iPhone X. If that doesn't help, consider installing specialized software to help this issue.

Use Dr.Fone System Repair for iOS

This method allows fixing nearly all problems with iPhone. Application Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) can deal with various system issues like boot loop or error 4013. In some cases, users try to fix iPhone software as well as hardware issues by themselves. It may succeed, but important data can be lost forever. This app offers a solution to this problem because it allows restoring data before fixing issues. It can detect problems and deal with them in 10 minutes. That's why we recommend using this tool for  iPhone error 14 or other similar breakdowns.

If you don't know how to fix iOS system, Dr.Fone is a safe solution for keeping data like phone numbers, important messages, documents. It helps if device keeps restarting or is frozen. Also, it can handle white screen of death, boot loop, or iTunes error 4013. As a bonus, you can transfer files to and from computer easily without effort.

Look Inside Your Phone

This is the option for advanced users. If you feel confident with phone and know how it's made, look inside of it and fix hardware issues. This way, you can solve iPhone black screen issue. it is different from iPhone stuck on restore screen because if the display is working, problem is in software. In most cases, iPhone goes black because a certain cable called display data connector isn't in its place. If you know how iPhone is made, you might find it and check if it's plugged in properly. Still, this won't work for many cases. Please mind that this option is for advanced users who know electronics and can take device apart and pull it back without effort.

Change USB Cable

Sometimes, a faulty USB cable may cause different issues with phone. It wouldn't let phone and computer transfer data, that's why it may show error 14 or error 4013. In this case, usual iOS system repair methods won't work. You need to change your cable, and if that doesn't help, check the phone's and computer's USB ports for any issues. If the USB is loose, the slots need repairing at a special service.

Like any electronic device, iPhone is susceptible to many kinds of hardware and software issues. Some of them are errors 4013 or 14, boot loop, or black screen. Sometimes, iPhone keeps restarting which causes problem. Still, anyone can fix these issues easily at home. Try updating iTunes application, changing USB cable, or force restarting phone. If that doesn't help, consider reassembling the phone and finding issues. Do not try this if you're not confident with electronics, better use safer methods. Consider installing Dr.Fone app, which allows to backup data, restore it, and solve issues quickly and efficiently.

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