6 Common Signs of Foundations Problems in your Building

By Eric Hamilton

Jul 01, 2020 04:52 PM EDT

6 Common Signs of Foundations Problems in your Building(6 Common Signs of Foundations Problems in your Building) (Credit: Getty Image)

Your house or commercial building is your investment, and you should protect it to save costs and stay safe! It is always essential to keep an eye on common structural issues in your building, especially as it grows older. Factors like inadequate drainage in the foundation, plumbing leakages, poor soil compaction, climate, and the likes can cause structural issues. The most common issues you should be on the lookout for are foundation problems.  Now, spotting foundation issues is actually easier than you think. Let us look at some of the most common signs of foundation that you should know.

Cracks or fractures on the wall, foundation or the floor

For starters, cracks and fractures are the most telling signs that your foundation has a problem. While small cracks on window or door frames should not be a cause of alarm, you ought to keep an eye on them. Any increase in size could be an indication that your foundation has a problem.  So, be on the lookout for cracks that are more than one-eighth of an inch wide.  They will tend to show that there is a structural problem in your building. 

Other common ones are cracks that look like a stair step. They often go deeper than the paint layer or the drywall. They might also be narrow on one side and wider on another. All in all, they might indicate that there is a foundation problem that needs to be fixed. In other words, you should beware of any crack that is leaking water on your premises and move to get it fixed before it escalates.

Doors and windows that do not close

A single stubborn door could only need a lubricant or a little scrubbing to get rid of rust. However, if you notice that several doors and windows are becoming tougher to close, then it is your foundation that could be having a problem. If a foundation shifts, it could affect the structure and functioning of things like window and door frames. This can make it difficult for the doors and windows to latch.

Check for gaps between exterior windows and walls

A gap between the façade and the exterior doors/ windows is a sign that the foundation could be shifting, thus, pulling them apart. The gaps could let on water and insects that could cause further damage to the walls resulting in more structural problems.

A damp crawlspace or basement

A damp crawlspace or basement is another common sign that your walls are leaking. This could be as a result of cracks in the foundation that let moisture seep in. Again, it is imperative to get professional help before the cracks cause more harm. 

Sagging ceiling and floor

Warping of the ceiling and flour is another common sign that your foundation has a problem. According to the Pinnacle Foundation Repair experts, the movement will tend to compact or pull apart the support beams and walls. This causes the weight to sit on certain sections, causing sagging that can bring your building down. 

Separation of counters and cabinets away from the wall

If you notice the progressive separation of your cabinet and counters from the walls, then something is wrong. It would help if you acted as there could be damage to the foundation that is making it uneven. It is one of the hidden problems that are common in old homes and commercial premises. This is one of the reasons why regular maintenance is often recommended as your building grows older. 

Wrap up

As you have seen, you just need to be keener to spot any structural issues in your building. Consult with a professional immediately you notice a danger sign that could lead to bigger problems. They will help you resolve the issue before it extends and becomes costly to repair. Remember, structural issues in your building are a hazard that can lead to injuries and loss of life.

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