Why You Need Brand Ambassadors to Plan Your Next Event

(Credit: Why You Need Brand Ambassadors to Plan Your Next Event ) Why You Need Brand Ambassadors to Plan Your Next Event
January 21
10:00 AM 2020

One thing that has been proven in business time and time again is that people admire companies that exhibit transparency. Transparency signifies that a business can be trusted and that it's dependable and loyal to its customers. 

If you're planning to exhibit your brand at an upcoming tradeshow or industry event, you'll want to ensure that transparency is conveyed in your creative messaging so that event attendees will be able to grasp what you're all about, and that you're an honest and genuine company that cares about customers' needs.

The best way to execute this is to humanize your brand with real people. People are far more inclined to listen to a relatable and sincere human being than look at dry, inanimate material such as pamphlets or posters. 

Consult with an event marketing company such as Reveal Marketing Group and hire a team of professional brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors not only bring life to your brand through charisma and personality, but they also bring expert event planning to any type of event or tradeshow.

When you hire the right brand ambassador agency to work at events you're investing in your brand's future. Consider how a team of professional ambassadors will create an optimal event marketing strategy and increase your brand's awareness. 

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are dynamic, professional event marketers who excel in promotions and experiential marketing. They are:

  • Team Leaders

  • Product Samplers

  • DJs and Emcees

  • Production Assistants

  • Technical Support Staff

  • Much more

They will plan your event from the beginning to end, and they'll ensure that your brand's exhibit display booth attracts event attendees with a clever and innovative marketing strategy.  

They Get to Know You

The best event marketing agencies will always find the time to really get to know their clients. You should meet with your team of brand ambassadors at least three months ahead of the event, depending on the scope of the project, to get to know another. 

The best brand ambassadors are those who can speak about your brand with confidence. They'll know your history, story, and values. Most importantly, they'll know what your exact objectives are for the event so they can work toward your goals as a team.

Their ultimate goal is to generate sales and qualify leads, so the more information they know about you, the better.

They are Charismatic Promoters 

Interacting with attendees at events can be exhausting. It takes a lot of energy and practice. Brand ambassadors are brand ambassadors for this very reason - they know how to work a room and make a sale.

With extensive marketing experience combined with charismatic personality and determination, brand ambassadors are your best promoters. Even if you and your employees know your products or services inside and out, you might not be the best at effectively engaging with attendees.

Luckily, professional ambassadors are trained to communicate with audiences of all sorts, and implement unique sales techniques and marketing tactics, such as guerilla marketing, to captivate event attendees to your exhibit booth.

For your upcoming event, bring some transparency and personality to your brand. Work with a team of brand ambassadors to stand out from the crowd. 

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