5 Smart Strategies to Increase Productivity

May 30
11:59 AM 2019

Being focused and productive at work is definitely the best way to do your job properly. But sometimes things are different and you don't feel like you are able to accomplish all the tasks on time. Even though there are enough hours in a day to finish all the chores, there are some days when productivity decreases. This happens because of the tiredness, sadness, or other conditions that can make us become unproductive.

As the work rate is compulsory in the office, it can be easily obtained with concentration and proper planning. These aspects can be improved and you will be more effective and achieve more in less time. It's only about developing the management skills that play an important role and can help you obtain everything you need for becoming dynamic and effective when working.

Here are 5 resourceful ways to boost effectiveness in the workplace:

Be organized with a "To-Do" list

What's better than a to-do list with all the tasks you're going to do that day? To-do lists are extremely helpful especially when there are a great number of duties. It's important to set daily goals with a specific purpose. Therefore, you just have to note all your duties, keep a close track of them and monitor the progress. After performing a task, it's better to tick it off so to motivate yourself and feel satisfied and accomplished at the end.

You can set a timer on every task to avoid omitting the rest of the tasks that come further as well. Thus, you'll estimate the time of the chores and set different timers for each of them. This will help you a lot as it will bring more motivation and perseverance when working.

Avoid distractions

Distractions are maybe the most common problem that shortens our daily work productivity. The biggest disturbance is created by the mobile phone. Social media, texts, calls, and emails are the main forms of getting easily absent-minded from real work tasks.

Every time the phone beeps, we tend to check it instantly and we get easily distracted from what really matters. Therefore, make sure you put your phone on silent or, even better, put it away for a longer period of time. Considering this advice, you will gain hours of work efficiency.

Go for a single task at once

Multitasking is one of the biggest mistakes most people do at work. Even though you might think this will help increase your performance, it will not. Multitasking can be more harmful than you think, as trying to do more two or more chores at once will diminish the work's quality.

It's better to focus on a single task and do it completely and accordingly than trying to do a bunch of jobs with no efficient outcomes. Be organized and focus on a single duty or responsibility and you'll notice the best results.

Take short breaks

From time to time, it's important to take short breaks so that your brain can focus properly. Mental breaks should be taken into consideration, as they help increase inspiration and creativity. Taking a brief rest will refresh your mind and bring back the motivation. This is why when you feel tired, just go away from the office for a couple of minutes and you'll feel fresh again.

If you have a coffee maker at work and you enjoy the taste of the energy-boosting drink, a cup of coffee during your breaks takes you a long way in terms of productivity. Not only does it help keep you alert, but it actually helps alleviate pain intensity in the neck and shoulders.

Some stretching could be very helpful, too, or just spending some time outside. After hours of sitting, it's recommended to move, so minimal exercising will surely boost your productivity and efficiency.

Use a quiet AC unit

Let's not forget about comfort in the workplace. When you feel comfortable you also feel productive, so it's important to take into consideration some other features. We all know how difficult and bothering is to work in a hot environment during summertime. This will make you feel nervous and it will also reduce the work rate, leading to unfavorable outcomes.

This is why you should go for the quietest portable air conditioner. This unit will definitely provide the entire team with the proper amount of comfort and it will boost effectiveness. Except for cooling the office, its silent operation can improve the ability to focus and perform the tasks accordingly.


If taking into consideration all the clever strategies above, your daily work tasks will be undoubtedly improved. We're all humans that get tired and lose focus at some point but it's important to know how to recover ourselves and do the best. If you follow our advice and keep a constant balance, you'll obtain the results you've been expecting, and you'll be satisfied with your daily progress at the end of the day. 

If you'd like to provide sufficient air humidification to prevent health problems and boost your productivity in the workplace, check out this guide on how to choose the top humidifier for your office. 

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