5 Tips For Hiring Software Developers

May 21
6:57 PM 2019

Every business needs excellent software in order to prosper in the digital age, yet far too many business owners and aspiring startups have no idea where to begin when it comes to hiring excellent software developers. The complexities of software development can force the average business owner to hire the first IT guru that walks through the door, with many entrepreneurs mistakenly entrusting the future of their companies in the hands of unreliable developers.

Rather than suffer lackluster developers who produce shoddy results, you should take steps to hire only the best talent around. Here are 5 tips for hiring software developers worthy of your consideration.

1. Think about how they'll meld with your team

The most important thing you want to consider when hiring a new software developer is how well they'll meld with your team, as any software you produce must be tailor-made with your existing employees in mind. After all, your software investment is only going to pay off if your rank-and-file workers understand the new product you're paying for, so looping them into the development process is the only surefire way to ensure that the tool you're buying is actually going to be useful to your company.

You should ask developers what kind of beta testing process they have in mind, and how they'll loop in your team members during the entirety of the development process. Any software developer incapable of meeting and getting along with your everyday workers is likely one that's going to deliver you some disappointing results while taking away your business' hard-earned cash.

2. Know why you're hiring shoddy outsiders

Far too many business owners are searching for yet another software developer to hire because the last IT guru they brought onboard actually ended up being a disaster. Knowing why you're hiring shoddy outsiders is the only way to guarantee that you don't repeat past mistakes and inadvertently destroy your potential for getting good software delivered on time. Learn about how you're looking for the wrong things and never end up hiring good developers before your next investment, and your business will enjoy much better software results.

3. Seek out talent about all else

Far too many aspiring business owners or startups make the same foolish mistake over and over again - they want to hire a developer they can lock in for long-term work, which they see as a necessary condition for employment. In reality, however, talented software developers seldom if ever spend too much time in one place, often bouncing around to wherever the pay and opportunities for growth are. This means that you need to seek out talent about all else, especially longevity when it comes to finding someone who can produce fantastic software for your business.

Learn about the ways that good businesses hire top developer talent by focusing on short-term results and you'll be much happier with your investment in a few years.

4. Expose them to real-world scenarios

When hiring a website development company or software developers, you'll quickly encounter an unfortunate fact; many of these developers will talk about their fantastic skills, yet you'll never really know if they can deliver what they promise until after you've already paid them. To mitigate the possibility that you get taken by a tall-talker, it's important to introduce your prospective hires to real-world scenarios that they may encounter when working for your company to see how they'd react. Besides knowing the common signs about what makes someone a poor programmer, you should also be testing their basic competency by seeing if they can quickly devise a solution to a problem you've suffered from in the past.

5. Learn how to close a deal early

Software developers are in high demand, and it's easy for a business owner to find a talented individual perfect for the project you have in mind but incapable of working for more than one company at a time. Learning how to understand the expectations of your potential software developers early on in the negotiation process and understanding how to cut a good deal early is thus imperative if you want to recruit the best talented while avoiding the bottom of the barrel.

You should scout out the salary expectations of your prospective hires early on to see if you can afford them, and even muse benefits if their talent is worthy of such expenditure. Over time, you'll realize that spending extra for good developers is worth it in exchange for the fantastic results they deliver.

Don't be afraid to pre-close your candidates and sign a deal with them early on if they strike you as the real deal. In the world of software development, opportunities come and go quickly. Before long, you'll discover that moving quickly is the only surefire way to guarantee that you hire the software developer you need to help your business thrive.

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