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Building Leads with Online Dealership Marketing

February 11
3:07 PM 2019

The latest development in the world of online auto marketing for 2019 is a new shift towards full auto sales occurring online in the virtual retailing forum. This doesn't mean that other tried and tested online dealership strategies should be now overlooked as a key part of the overall sales campaign. On the contrary, if you want to implement the next big step in online dealership marketing, you'd better be prepared with what's currently available in advanced website features.

Dealership marketing strategies are built to work hand-in-hand with auto dealerships with a focus on the ultimate goal of auto sales, so it makes perfect sense that they can be used to boost in-house as well as eventual online sales. The following review of the most cutting-edge dealership marketing strategies of 2019 is meant to familiarize those with some of the most effective online marketing tools for dealerships, while considering their efficacy in promoting online auto sales. 

Dealership Branding

It is no secret that one of the most effective marketing strategies afforded by a dealership's web presence is the website's ability to reinforce branding with customers. A website can promote a dealership's logos and mandates, but it can also provide new online shoppers with a personal connection to the dealership location by advertising local sales promotions and provide information on staff background and values. Stronger online branding can help build ties between consumers and a dealership, increasing the chances of a local sales, whether at the dealership or finalized online.

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Online Chat Software

Online chat software is one of the most a powerful tools available for internet dealership marketing. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, since conversations via messaging can accommodate any need required by the consumer. With online chat, professional dealership representatives are able to bring their informed advice to the customer and respond to the inquiries in real time, 24 hours a day.

Since these conversations can address virtually any inquiry, online chat is the next best thing to in-person sales team interactions. Dealership sales team members are able to join these conversations at any time to supplement the knowledge of the online representatives, so your employees can also use auto dealer chat to get more sales leads for your dealership.


Text+ is an online marketing tool that allows dealerships to continue the conversation on the customer's phone, wherever they are! Building leads online can be even more successful when the conversation can move seamlessly from the web page, to the phone, to the dealership.

In-house dealership staff or chat operators can use text+ to increase awareness of inventory, and use photos or video to demonstrate car specs, dimensions, and performance figures in order to help build an average lead into a strong likelihood of a potential sale. Each of these marketing strategies can be used in tandem to develop a better relationship between the dealership and online customers with a view of creating better leads than ever before.

Whether the final sale happens via virtual retailing or in-house at the dealership, the process of building leads will always be an essential ingredient to a dealership's success. Get in touch with an online marketing specialist today to add these tools to your dealership website and dramatically increase your sales! 

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