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4 Classes of ID Printer for Offices

December 27
10:51 PM 2018

As soon as a small business owner makes the decision to upgrade the security capabilities of their office, they're immediately faced with a few difficult questions. One of the easiest answers, however, should be to include an ID card printing system as an essential part of their upgrade.

Of all of the security strategies that an organization can invest in, a complete ID security system is likely the most comprehensive and reliable of the available options. And while an ID card printer may seem like a hefty expense, the ability to print cards on-demand will actually save you a good deal of cost in the long run - not to speak of what it will save in avoiding criminal activity! When considering a overall yearly budget, there's really no more affordable way to go, considering the quality of security you'll get.

What Aspects of Security Do ID cards cover?

While personnel identity tags don't provide the same style of protection as security guards, they're a necessary and affordable step towards the kind of services that security guards fulfill. In fact, when one considers all of the pro tips for making your office more secure that would have to do with ID cards alone, it becomes easy to see that there's really no more comprehensive a security solution for an office of any size.

Deciding on the Right ID Card Printer

The first step is easy: deciding to invest in an ID card printer. The next step can get a little more complicated and requires input from you on about the requirements of your office. Like most purchases, however, researching electronics becomes easier once you narrow the range of available products by classifying them according to specific features.

Types of ID Card Printer

Security ID card printers can be divided into three basic categories, all based on the amount of volume you're looking to manufacture. Although card printers can be classified according to basic, mid, professional, and high-volume capacities, the level of security technology available in each category is considerate and really just depends of what you'll require.

Basic Printers

If you only expect to print up to 250 ID cards per year, then you should invest in a printer with starter-range capabilities. Some of the best-selling printers in this category are the Javelin PRO and Javelin DNA models. When choosing any ID card printer, be sure to remember to find one that is compatible with the particular computer hardware you own.

Mid-Range Printers

Once you realize that your ID card printing demands have increased to 251-500 cards per year, it's time to upgrade to a mid-range card printer. The Javelin PRO and DNA series printers also make great beginning printer because they can actually accommodate the demands for the first two levels of printer needs. If you're starting out with a mid-range demand, however, you may want to consider the Poloroid/Valid P3500S or the DTC 1250e ID card printing systems.

Professional Range Printers

The most common level of ID card printer are those that are able to print between 501 to 5000 cards per year. There are more printers available in this range than any other, so there is an especially wide selection of security features they can offer, such as single or dual-sided cards, and hologram printing.

High-Volume Printers

For truly heavy-duty ID card printing needs, there are a few machines available that are capable of printing a staggering amount of security ID cards in a short period of time. With a printer of any capacity above 5000 cards per year, you could basically open up your own security ID production house. At this level, you can rest assured that your security department will never outgrow the demands of your machine.

Choosing a printer with the right capabilities for what your office requires will keep you from ending up with shortages, but it will also save you money by preventing you from purchasing a printer that's more extensive than you need. Now that you've learned about the available categories offered in ID card printers, go online to find the exact printer to meet your security demands!

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