Super Smash Bros. 4 Cloud Strife DLC to Add 'City of Midgar' Stage, Odin Summon, and Other Gameplay Features [Watch Trailer]

By Staff Reporter

Nov 24, 2015 09:47 AM EST

The Super Smash Bros. 4 new Cloud Strife DLC is soon to hit 3DS, Wii U and the gameplay trailer released during Nintendo Direct broadcast this month revealed what the fans can expect and what's to come from this
latest expansion. 

This official trailer for the upcoming and exciting surprise character addition debuted at the special broadcast of Nintendo Direct after being offline for months this year. The sneak peek has introduced the new gameplay features for Cloud Strife DLC including limit breaks, an Odin summon and an extra costume which is evoked from Cloud's Advent Children appearance.

What is more interesting is that a fight scene shown in the trailer appeared to indicate the City of Midgar, a distinctively familiar setting  in Final Fantasy 7 video game which features Cloud Strife as the game tough and might hero. Nintendo is yet to announce the release date plus other reveals of the new DLC.

Fans can check out the Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC gameplay trailer on this YouTube link. [Watch video]  

Cloud Strife is going to be the latest playable character from Final Fantasy 7  to join the growing roster of Super Smash Bros. 4 as announced last week. IGN noted that such announcement shocked a lot of game enthusiasts for the reason that it is the first for Final Fantasy 7 to appear in a Nintendo systems. 

To date, the game has been expanded with the addition of four downloadable characters this 2015 with Mewtwo in April and Lucas of Mother 3, Roy of Fire Emblem as well as Ryu of Street Fighter were all added all at once in June 2015. This makes Cloud Strife as the 5th downloadable character for the game this year. 

Super Smash Bros 4 has appparently continued to offer never ending excitement to fans with the inclusion of third party characters via DLC since its release. Developed by Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco Games and published by Nintendo in 2014 for 3DS and the Wii U, the popular game has sold more than 11 million copies combined worldwide as of September 2015. 

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