Australia Detects Bird Flu in Victorian Egg Farm, Plunging Area to Lockdown Amid Fears Strain Could be Similar to What Causes Mass Poultry Deaths Worldwide
Bird flu has been detected at an Australian egg farm, putting it on lockdown amid worries that it is a strain causing catastrophic poultry deaths and the potential source of the next global pandemic.
British Man Dies in Singapore Airlines Flight After Boeing 777 Encounters Severe Turbulence
A British man named Geoff Kitchen died aboard a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER after the plane encountered turbulence, forcing the plane to divert to Bangkok.
Tesla Shareholders Oppose Elon Musk Pay Package, Say CEO Lacks Strong Leadership for Being Busy to Other Businesses
Investors are clashing over Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package, arguing it is not in Tesla's best interest as the company faces declining sales, slowing EV demand, and a 30% drop in stock price.
Electric Vehicles Are Three Times More Likely to Hit Urban Pedestrians Than Fuel Cars, Study Reveals
A BMJ study found electric vehicles are three times more likely to hit urban pedestrians and twice as likely in rural areas compared to petrol or diesel cars.
Donald Trump Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations, Vows to Establish 'Crypto Army'
Donald Trump's campaign has started accepting cryptocurrency donations, marking a significant move as he becomes the first major party candidate to embrace digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, a
Macy's Boosts Profit Outlook Amid Early Turnaround Success Under New CEO Tony Spring
Macy's increases profit forecast despite cautious consumer spending, driven by successful turnaround plan under CEO Tony Spring.
Joe Biden's Decision To Close Northeast Gasoline Reserve Would Make Fuel Cheaper, Says Donald Trump
US President Joe Biden's decision to close the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve would release almost 1 million barrels of fuel.
Chinese Scientists Develop Cheap Aluminum Alloy with Record Thermal Resistance, Six Times Stronger than Standard Alloys
Chinese scientists at Tianjin University developed a cost-effective aluminum alloy with remarkable strength and heat resistance, revolutionizing aerospace and industrial applications.
Diddy Assault Controversy Update: Peloton Removes Rapper's Music From Fitness Programs
Peloton removed Diddy's music from all of its fitness programs due to the rapper's assault controversy.
Inflation Already Felt in American Households as Prices Keep Going Up, Fed Survey Reveals
American households still feel inflation's effects on increasing goods, especially with rent, as parents struggle to make ends meet.
Singapore-Microsoft Partnership to Help SMEs Adopt AI Easier, Faster; Thousands of Local Businesses to Receive Assistance
The new Singapore-Microsoft partnership will help SMEs adopt AI more easily and faster. Here's how this new collaboration will do it.
China To Invest Billions in a Government-Backed AI Model Based on Xi Jinping's Thoughts
China will invest billions in the Cyberspace Administration's language model, based on Xi Jinping's ideology. They boast that it is more "secured and reliable" as ChatGPT remains inaccessible in China
US Report Says BMW, Jaguar, and Volkswagen Used Illegal Chinese Parts With Links to Child Labor
BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volkswagen face scrutiny for using Chinese parts linked to Uyghur forced labor, prompting Senate calls for stricter Customs enforcement under UFLPA.
SF Fed Denies Biden Admin's Corporate Greedflation Theory, Claiming It's Not Main Driver of Inflation
SF Fed denied the corporate greedflation that the Biden Administration and Americans believe. Here's what the federal bank explained.
Dubai Airports Recover From Deadly Flood as Passengers Hit 91 Million in 2024
Dubai Airports expects a record surge in passenger traffic this year, projecting over 100 million travelers by 2027, with 91 million anticipated by the end of 2024, despite recent disruptions from sev
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