Liberal Billionaire Accused of Censoring Americans as US Presidential Election Nears, Spending Over $80 Million
Liberal billionaire George Soros is accused of censoring Americans as the US presidential election nears. Here's why.
Uber Introduces Shuttle Service in the US to Ease High-Traffic Travel and New Costco Partnership Perks
Uber launched a new US shuttle service and expanded its partnership with Costco to attract budget-conscious consumers amidst Lyft's competition.
Wall Street Records Historic Highs for Stock Market as US Inflation Rate Drops to 3.4%
Wall Street hits record highs as US inflation slows to 3.4%, sparking optimism among investors, although concerns linger about potential consumer spending gaps amid weaker-than-expected retail sales g
Joe Biden Makes False Inflation Claim Again, Renewing Criticisms—Here's The Truth
US President Joe Biden makes a false inflation claim again. His remarks drew attention and received criticism on social media.
Average Gas Price Hits $3.61 per Gallon and Will Keep Rising Despite Inflation Ease
Gasoline prices surged in April, driving up consumer prices, while overall inflation eased; the national average for gas stood at $3.61 per gallon on Wednesday, down $0.02 from the previous month but
Meta Takes Down Workplace App for Businesses to Focus on AI and Metaverse
Meta has decided to shut down its Workplace app to focus on AI and metaverse technologies. This move aligns with CEO Mark Zuckerberg's push for long-term investor patience amidst stock declines trigge
Amazon to Show Ads on Prime Video, Aiming For $3 Billion in Ad Revenue
Amazon is expanding its advertising strategy by introducing ads on its Prime Video streaming service. The company aims to generate $3 billion in revenue and compete with traditional media giants.
Putin Seeks Stronger Energy, Military, and Trade Deals With China as US Sanctions Hit Russian Economy
Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming visit to China aims to strengthen bilateral ties. Three key objectives on his agenda are securing a deal for the Power of Siberia 2 pipeline, increasing Chi
Crypto Heists: North Korea Launders $147 Million in Stolen Cryptocurrency in March
North Korea laundered $147.5 million in stolen crypto in March, according to the UN.
US Sanctions Russian Businessman, 3 Companies Involved in Scheme to Evade Sanctions Tied to Russia's Metals Tycoon
The US has imposed sanctions against a Russian businessman, and three companies based in Russia allegedly used in a scheme to evade US sanctions connected to Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska.
Samsung Plans to Limit Launch of Galaxy Z Fold 6 to Single Model
Samsung is rumored to limit its offering for its Galaxy Z Fold 6 for the summer version of Galaxy Unpacked this year.
Walmart’s Dominance in US Retail Industry at Odds Following Announcement of Workers’ Layoffs, Relocations
Walmart's position as America's top retailer is in jeopardy following the announcement of significant layoffs and the mandate for remote employees to return to the office, signaling potential internal
Biden Administration Greenlights $1 Billion Weapons Sale to Israel
The Biden administration has informed key lawmakers of its intention to provide Israel with over $1 billion in extra arms and ammunition.
Donald Trump's Boeing 757 Hits Another Corporate Jet After Landing at Florida Airport
Former President Donald Trump's Boeing 757 plane reportedly hit a parked corporate jet at West Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.
OpenAI Co-Founder Ilya Sutskever Quits Startup Months After Kicking Sam Altman Out in Board Coup
In an X post, former OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever left the company to pursue a ‘personally meaningful’ project.
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