Netflix Boasts 40 Million Users Subscribed to Ad-Supported Tier, Reveals Plans to Develop In-House Ad Tech Platform
Netflix reports 40 million monthly users of its ad-supported service, with the ads chief stating that the firm is creating its own platform for ad solutions.
Dollar Slides to Multi-Month Lows as Slower US Inflation Increases Rate Cut Expectations
The US dollar tumbled to multi-month lows on Thursday following a slowdown in US core inflation, which was its slowest pace in three years.
Visa to Change Credit, Debit Card Operations in US
Visa has implemented sweeping changes on how its credit and debit cards are used in the United States through the introduction of a single physical card that could be connected to multiple bank accoun
Investment Banker at Bank of America Dies from Blood Clot, Cited 100-Hour Weeks as Reason for Wanting to Leave
A Bank of America investment banker, previously a Green Beret, died from a blood clot after planning to leave his 100-hour-per-week job.
Barge Hits Bridge in Galveston, Texas Causing Partial Collapse, Oil Spill
A barge collided with a causeway in Galveston, Texas, breaking a portion of the bridge and spilling oil into the water but resulting in no casualties.
Jeff Bezos Reveals the Secret to Amazon’s Success, Expresses Concern Over Lack of AI Competency
Despite being proud of the company's success, Jeff Bezos now voices his concerns about Amazon’s need to enhance its AI capabilities to stay competitive.
Revolutionizing Contract and Asset Management: How Revnue Is Redefining Operational Efficiency
The complexities surrounding contract management, asset tracking, and service optimization have created significant hurdles for enterprises worldwide. Enter Revnue, an innovative solution spearheaded
New York State’s EBT System to Undergo 11-Hour Outage Due to Maintenance, Upgrade on May 19
The New York Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance has advised Electronic Benefits Transfer cardholders to make adjustments as the EBT system would be down for 11 hours on May 19.
Paramount, Amazon Initiate Talks on Expanding Media Partnership
Paramount has been reported to be talking with Amazon to expand its media partnership, including the bundled sales of channels and advertising measures.
China Considers Buying Millions of Unsold Homes Amid Real Estate Crisis
China mulls purchasing surplus homes amid real estate crisis. The proposed plan involves state-owned enterprises acquiring distressed properties
Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot Multiple Times in Assassination Attempt
Slovakia's PM Robert Fico narrowly survives an assassination attempt, shot multiple times in Handlova. Investigations continue.
BEWARE: Toll Scams Target Drivers Via Text Messages—FBI Shares Tips
Toll scams are moving from state to state, targeting more drivers. Here's what the FBI revealed about these toll scams.
UK's Royal Mail Owner Nods to $4.4 Billion Takeover Bid From Czech Billionaire
Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský's £3.5 billion bid for Royal Mail gains momentum, sparking political tensions over foreign ownership concerns.
Liberal Billionaire Accused of Censoring Americans as US Presidential Election Nears, Spending Over $80 Million
Liberal billionaire George Soros is accused of censoring Americans as the US presidential election nears. Here's why.
Uber Introduces Shuttle Service in the US to Ease High-Traffic Travel and New Costco Partnership Perks
Uber launched a new US shuttle service and expanded its partnership with Costco to attract budget-conscious consumers amidst Lyft's competition.
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