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Former Google and Apple employees to release Nextbit smartphone on September 1st

By Staff Reporter | Aug 14, 2015 05:44 AM EDT
(Credit: Nextbit Facebook Photo) Hard at work crafting the future of Android. Less than a month before you get to see it!

Nextbit, a mobile developer company run by former Google, Apple, Amazon and HTC employees, was rumored to release a smartphone on September 1.

Nextbit confirmed that news and said that the smartphone will be priced in the premium tier category between $300 and $400, The Verge reported. In addition, during an interview with the company's CEO Tom Moss, Nexbit's top man revealed that the phone will perform better over time and will function at a higher level due to its enhanced software.

Another executive of the firm and former Android boss, Mike Chan, said that they are focusing on delivering a device that can adapt to the public. Tech website CNet published an article on its take on Nextbit and cited that the phone will use cloud technology to boost the phone's storage capacity. Another give away that Moss pointed out that they will go with HTC's designer Scott Cyrole in terms of the smartphone's outlines.

In terms of strategy, since Nextbit is virtually unknown in the smartphone industry, Moss told CNet that they will seek the help of social media to establish relationships with potential customers. He also cleared that the approach is simply a new opportunity for new brands like them to emerge.

The smartphone industry is a costly venture and aside from Nextbit's startup funds, the company has also generated a couple of millions by shipping the company's software backup tool to millions of Android devices provided by Japan's NTT Docomo, the report added.

Nexbit is a venture of Tom Moss, who functions as the company's CEO, Mike Chan Co-Founder/CTO, and Scott Croyle Nextbit's Chief Product Officer. According to Phan Android, Moss and Chan are former executives of the California-based giant Google while Croyle used to work for HTC as a chief designer.

Nextbit's vision is so ambitious and yet very feasible based from the trio's experiences and achievements. As a former employee of top smartphone brands such as Google and Apple, coming up with a smartphone, which can possibly outperform the current market leaders, is very possible. It remains to be seen how Nextbit will fair come September 1. 

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