Apple Released OS X Update for Developers Simultaneously

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Apr 08, 2016 07:53 AM EDT

Apple Inc released an update for its OS simultaneously. Along with OS X 9.3 for touchscreen device, watchOS, tvOS and Mac OS X 10.11.5 were also released for developers.

Just a week after Apple released iOS 9.3.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, the Cupertino-based company released a developer only version of 9.3.2. Last week Apple released the 9.3.1 to fix an issue in unresponsive apps that caused iPhone, iPad and iPod to crash or hang in the 9.3 version.

Many users have been experiencing crashing bugs with their device with iOS 9.3, which enforced Apple to re-release the new builds of the update. Hardware incompatibility has also caused bricking in iPad2, making the company pull the iOS 9.3 from the device temporarily.

9 to 5 Mac reported that Apple ensured that its 9.7 inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE is shipped with iOS 9.3 preinstalled. So iOS 9.3.1 will help ensure new Apple customers get a smooth experience with their new hardware.

A week after the release of iOS 9.3.1, Apple released iOS 9.3.2 as public beta update intended for developers. In the release note, the new iOS mentioned specific developer issues and workaround in Dictionary, iBooks, Safari, and Simulator. The workaround is expected to eliminate the issue in those apps.

Apple also released public beta watchOS for AppleWatch. The beta was released as watchOS 2.2.1 beta 1, which addressed the issues and workarounds in the watchOS 1 WatchKit apps and Xcode crashes. While in the same day, Apple also announced the release of fresh developer beta versions of tvOS 9.2.1 and MacOS X 10.11.5, according to Softpedia News.

Update in the tvOS presented some new features. That includes iOS-style app folders, a new user interface for app switcher, voice dictation input for search and username/password entry, and complete iCloud Photo Library support. While MacOS update introduced password-protected Notes and Live Photos support as its new features.

In Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple is expected to announce the release of MacOS X 10.12 along with iOS 10.

As Apple continuously updates its MacOS, Google also prepares to test Google Chrome browser to support MacOS native notifications. Chrome also will prepare integration with Windows 10 Action Center, but Chrome will focus on Mac first.

PC World reported that one member of the Chrome development team said, "Nothing is 100% sure on Windows until implementation begins and we fully evaluate what is possible, but it seems likely to me at least that we will be able to support native notifications on Windows 10."

On Thursday, Apple Inc released an update for its OS X simultaneously. The company released all four of its OS X versions for touch screen device, AppleWatch, AppleTV and Mac computer.

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