Decoding the UK's Digital Chatter: Brexit and NHS Emerge as Hot Topics in a Massive 10 Million Post Study

By David Thompson

Apr 21, 2023 10:34 AM EDT

SentiOne(SentiOne) (Credit: Getty Image)

Over the past few years, the United Kingdom has undergone significant changes that have sparked conversations nationwide. According to a recent analysis by SentiOne, a European internet monitoring company, important events such as Brexit and concerns surrounding the NHS have taken center stage in online discussions. The SentiOne study analyzed nearly 10 million online posts made by UK internet users between March 2022 and March 2023, and the results were nothing short of fascinating.

Although Brexit happened three years ago, it continued to be the most discussed subject in online debates, with over 4 million mentions and an impressive 11 billion views. It was commonly referred to as a "divorce" from the European Union, with numerous people linking it to considerable economic and political upheaval. Additionally, SentiOne found that Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister who spearheaded the Leave Campaign, was a widely discussed topic, with over 8,000 mentions of his "legacy."

It's worth noting that the SentiOne study indicated two significant spikes in online Brexit discussions. One happened in July 2022, coinciding with Boris Johnson's resignation as Prime Minister. The other occurred during the autumn when a political and economic crisis emerged due to the mini-budget. This coincided with a YouGov poll revealing that 56% of the British public felt that leaving the EU was a mistake.

SentiOne also found that the NHS was the subject of over 3.5 million online conversations, reaching a staggering 17 billion views and making it the second most discussed topic. The discussions peaked in January 2023 when pay raise negotiations that fell through led to strikes among nurses and other NHS staff. Despite the discouraging news, more than 50% of the responses to the news regarding the NHS were positive, with the public supporting the striking workers using hashtags such as #sosNHS and #saveournhs.

The economic crisis triggered by Russia's attack on Ukraine significantly influenced the UK's online discussions. During this time, there were multiple mentions of rising food prices, inflation, strikes and protests, recession, and house prices. However, the only crime-related subject that garnered some attention was knife violence. Most of the conversations referred to various police initiatives aimed at curbing knife crime.

The study revealed that Brexit and the NHS accounted for 80% of all online posts analyzed by SentiOne, with entries related to the economic crisis coming in third. It's fascinating to note that even though Brexit occurred three years ago, it remains a hot topic of discussion, with people expressing their views on its impact on the country.

The SentiOne study makes it abundantly clear that people in the UK are passionate about issues that affect them directly. This includes issues such as healthcare, the cost of living, and crime. Specifically, Brexit, the NHS, and the economic crisis caused by Russia's attack on Ukraine have dominated online discussions, while knife violence has sparked a fair amount of debate. Perhaps most significantly, it's apparent that people in the UK are not afraid to voice their opinions and engage in meaningful conversations about the issues that affect them directly.

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