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Amazon and Vrio to Challenge Starlink with Satellite Internet Launch in South America by 2025

Amazon and Vrio plan to deploy 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband internet to South American countries, directly competing with Elon Musk's Starlink.

US Sanctions Former Exxon Contractor, Public Official in Guyana Over Alleged Fraud and Bribery

The US has sanctioned a Guyanese mining mogul over accusations of tax fraud and bribery...

TSA Issues Apology for Unannounced Cuban Delegation Visit to Miami Airport

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) apologized to the officials of Miami after its agents gave a tour to a delegation from Cuba, currently a regional adversary of the United States...

Walmart Plans to Invest $700 Million in Guatemala Over the Next 5 Years

Walmart plans to invest around $700 million in Guatemala over the next five years...

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Pandora selling itself; stock soars over 10%
Pandora Media Inc has engaged Morgan Stanley to facilitate the selling itself including identifying potential buyers. Pandora has been spending heavily to attract more number of users amid increasing
Wiper, alternative messaging app for costly movies
Messaging app Wiper has raised a total of $4.5 million seed funding from its investor Michael Choupak adding $2 million dollars. The service launced $4.99 monthly subscription fee to preview and watc
African coffee producers suffer from low prices
The increasing output in Brazil and falling prices are posing a major challenge to African coffee producers. Coffee exports revenues are a major source of income for several African nations. The coffe
Telefonica Brasil SA Expects a Sales Growth Amidst Economic Slowdown
Vivo, the trade name of Telefonica Brasil prepared a strategy in the worsening economy. The strategy is expected to increase sales and efficiency.
Mexico gets $400-mln loan from WB for rural development
Mexico is receiving $400-loan from World Bank for rural development and will formally sign an agreement. Mexican government will utilize the funds for extending financial lending to farmers and fishe
Colombia will receive $450 million fund from the United States
President Barack Obama said he would ask Congress for about $450 million in funding to help Colombia to reach an economic stability and peace in the country. Besides that the 'Plan Colombia' policy wi
The US Dollar worst single day drop prompted Asian shares to climb higher as oil price increases
The US Dollar plunged to its worst single day drop outside of the 1998 and 2008 crisis today due to speculation regarding 'no rate hike' policy that the Federal Reserve might be implementing for this
Zika and Other Mosquito Borne Diseases’ Spreading May Turn Vigorous With Climate Changes
Zika has appeared as a nightmare to many Latin American countries. The number of Zika infected has reached 4 million landmarks since reporting of the first case just eight months earlier. Absence of p
Oxitec’s Gene Modified Mosquitoes Appear As Lone Mean To Fight Against Spread of Zika Virus
WHO on Thursday has warned for probable spread of Zika virus across the North and Central American countries. Ahead of rising concerns for Zika spreading, drug makers and scientists have commented tha
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