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Amazon Announces Its AWS Data Center in London

Amazon had already announced Amazon Web Service which has a wide range of services available from London.

Snow Storm in U.S

Snow storm had hit northern U.S that causes flights cancelled and other properties under thick snow...

Estimate Analysis

The RFC will be reporting its next earning early next year...

Wet and Dry Regions

Researches confirms that under the influence of glabal warming. Researchers said that as the temperature rises the wet regions get wetter and dry regions getting drier...

Latest News

Nigerian Minister Claims $9 Billion Stolen from Nigerian Economy
Nigeria is one of populated country in Central Africa. The country is rich with the natural resources like oil and gas. But it faces a serious problem, that is corruption
Retailing Giants Shut Hundreds of Stores Down In US & Elsewhere, Job Cutting Feared
Walmart and Macy’s have announced shutting hundreds of stores on Friday and thus lingers the list with other retailing giants like Sears and Target. Surprising growth of ecommerce has reduced growth o
Economic Emergency In Venezuela Aims To Keep Maduro’s Anti Poverty Programs Alive
Just Prior to the State of Address to the Congress, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has imposed economic emergency for 60 days. The concerned decree is aimed to allocate funds to keep alive the so
Inflation in Argentina at historic high 21%; government targets 5% by 2019
Argentina is struggling from soaring inflation, which is hovering at 21 percent. The inflation rate is expected to reach 25 percent in 2016. The government is targeting to bring it down to five percen
YPF, American Energy Partners sign deals on shale gas
American Energy Partners and Argentina state-run energy company YPF have signed a partnership deal on developing the shale resources in the South American country. Argentina government is providing su
Uber Offers Job of Drivers to Nonviolent Criminal Offenders in California
Uber has changed its driver recruitment policy and advised the previously rejected applicant seeking for drivers’ job to take the benefit of proposition 47. This law allows nonviolent criminal offende
The Most Wanted Drug Lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is Extradited to US
The most wanted drug lord, El Chapo Guzman will be extradited to U.S. following his arrest by Mexican authorities. Prior to his arrest, actor Sean Penn interviewed the drug lord in his hideout.
Soybean and Corn Overproduction Still Affected the Low Price
Overproduction of last year's crops in the U.S. still affect the price in futures trading. Meanwhile farmers is predicted to still harvest a big yield of soybean and corn in 2016.
Rio de Janeiro Cuts Power Supply to 2016 Olympic’s Inaugural Venue
A number of concerns about the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio, have already been reported. These include supply of virus contaminated water, forcing to pay the athletes their air conditioning and telev
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