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Amazon Announces Its AWS Data Center in London

Amazon had already announced Amazon Web Service which has a wide range of services available from London.

Snow Storm in U.S

Snow storm had hit northern U.S that causes flights cancelled and other properties under thick snow...

Estimate Analysis

The RFC will be reporting its next earning early next year...

Wet and Dry Regions

Researches confirms that under the influence of glabal warming. Researchers said that as the temperature rises the wet regions get wetter and dry regions getting drier...

Latest News

Mexico's Pemex to slash down jobs in 2016
Mexico oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) is planning to trim its headcount in 2016. The State-run company has suffered a record loss, while its production is declining to 25-year low. Pemex has ta
Deeper recession, faster CPI, higher rate squeezing Brazil
The Brazil's central bank will be under pressure to raise interest rate in 2016 amid gripped into the deepening recession. The borrowing cost is expected to rise by 0.25 percent next year. Brazil is s
Colombian central bank hints at rate hike
The Colombian Central Bank is heading towards a hike in interest rate. The Colombian government is keen on checking inflation rise and control the current account deficit.
US billionaire Douglas Tompkins dies in kayak accident in Chile
Adventure brand and Esprit owner and co-founder of the North Face outdoor company, Douglas Tompkins, died in a kayaking accident in Chile. He spent a large percentage of his wealth on environmental co
Coca-Cola ad in Mexico attacked for insensitivity to indigenous rights and health
A new Coca-Cola ad in Mexico has been taken down due to massive criticism that its depicts local indigenous groups poorly while also encouraging poor health.
New Study found that half of Amazon Tree species are threatened with Extinction
A new study has found that deforestation could lead to the extinction of up to half the species of trees in the Amazon. According to the Washington Post a new study published Friday in the Journal Sci
Colombia oil production slips below target
The oil production in Colombia is poised to drop below the target of one million barrels per day in 2016 following the slowing down of drilling activity and ageing of major oil fields.
Argentina Economic Inflation is as much as 35 percent annually
As the November 22 presidential election is fast approaching, the economic inflation of 35 percent a year is one of the major issues that the next president of Argentina will have to face.
U.S. companies swarmed Cuba, uncertain if business profits
The week long trade expo celebration in Havana, Cuba brought it some 50 American businesses, but most of these firms still have no idea how to earn money in the communist-ruled country with a populati
Brazil evicts families for 2016 Olympic Games; GOC Briefs National Federation Presidents for upcoming games
Housing advocacy groups claim that local governments in Brazil are using the Olympics to defend forced evictions and segregation in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the Ghana Olympic Committee has held a
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