South/Central America

Amazon Announces Its AWS Data Center in London

Amazon had already announced Amazon Web Service which has a wide range of services available from London.

Snow Storm in U.S

Snow storm had hit northern U.S that causes flights cancelled and other properties under thick snow...

Estimate Analysis

The RFC will be reporting its next earning early next year...

Wet and Dry Regions

Researches confirms that under the influence of glabal warming. Researchers said that as the temperature rises the wet regions get wetter and dry regions getting drier...

Latest News

The US Dollar worst single day drop prompted Asian shares to climb higher as oil price increases
The US Dollar plunged to its worst single day drop outside of the 1998 and 2008 crisis today due to speculation regarding 'no rate hike' policy that the Federal Reserve might be implementing for this
Zika and Other Mosquito Borne Diseases’ Spreading May Turn Vigorous With Climate Changes
Zika has appeared as a nightmare to many Latin American countries. The number of Zika infected has reached 4 million landmarks since reporting of the first case just eight months earlier. Absence of p
Oxitec’s Gene Modified Mosquitoes Appear As Lone Mean To Fight Against Spread of Zika Virus
WHO on Thursday has warned for probable spread of Zika virus across the North and Central American countries. Ahead of rising concerns for Zika spreading, drug makers and scientists have commented tha
Gasoline smuggling dents export revenues for Venezuela
South American nation Venezuela is suffering from gasoline smuggling to neighboring nations. Gasoline is heavily subsidized in Venezuela. The cheaper gasoline smuggling has become a major revenue sour
WHO Warns Zika Virus To Spread Across The US, Scientists Require A Decade Making Vaccine Available For Public
Aedes mosquitoes are the bearer of Zika virus which is available across the US. WHO warns the US for a probable Zika virus induced epidemic. Brazil has appeared as the most Zika affected country. The
Argentina Is Facing The Worst Ever Locust Plague In 60 years
Argentinean farmers are reportedly facing the worst kind of locust plague ever in the last 60 years. The plague if not contained could lead to severe crop infestation, resulting in starvation and fami
Zika Virus Outbreak Is Less Likely In The US: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Released In Brazil To Combat Infection
Zika virus outbreak is taking a toll on many countries around the world including Brazil which has raised concerns on the spread of infection among US population as well. Oxitec, a british company is
Overseas central banks are Fed's partner to accomplish rates
The Federal Reserve Bank have found a new partner in its struggle to confirm interest rate increase screens through the US economy. The trend of Fed borrowing billions daily to set a base under its st
Venezuela’s President to Declare Economic Emergency
The slump of oil price has contributed to economic crisis in Venezuela. Inflation rate in the country has reached 141 percent. This situation has made president Venezuela to take some action.
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