Donald Trump Reacts to Mexico President's $20 Billion Demand From Joe Biden, Says AMLO Has Little Respect for Biden

By Jace Dela Cruz

Apr 01, 2024 02:39 AM EDT

Former President Donald Trump has reacted to Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's demand for $20 billion a year from the Biden administration in exchange for help to halt the surge of illegal migrants. 

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Donald Trump Says Mexico's President Would Never Ask for Money if He Was Still in the White House

In an interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Sunday night, Donald Trump said Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) would never ask for money from the US if he was still in the White House.

"Well, he said much more than that. He said he wants $10 billion essentially just to talk, $10 billion to talk, and that's come out since, and no, that wouldn't happen with me, with the wall," Trump told Kilmeade.

The former president noted that Lopez Obrador's plan to ask for money to speak with President Joe Biden is a sign of Biden's weakness. 

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Donald Trump Sees $20 Billion Demand of Mexico President as Lack of Respect for Joe Biden

Donald Trump's comments came in response to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's statement during a "60 Minutes" interview last week that the surge of migrants crossing into the US will continue unless Joe Biden and his administration comply with his demands.

Lopez Obrador had called on the Biden administration to send $20 billion in aid a year to Latin American countries, end the embargo against Cuba, lift sanctions on Venezuela, and grant legal status to Mexican illegal immigrants who have worked and lived in the US for at least a decade.

The president of Mexico said the "flow of migrants will continue" unless the US meets his outlandish demands. According to Donald Trump, he would never adhere to such demands, which he saw as a "lack of respect" foreign leaders have for Biden and his administration.

"It's very simple: lack of respect for the president. They would never say that to me. They would never say before we even talk," the former president said.

"They want $10 billion a year, Mexico just asked for $10 billion a year. They would never ask it. I wouldn't give them 10 cents," he added.

Trump noted that the country "is going bad," and if it does not "change on November 5th... we're not going to have a country anymore."

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