Theresa May Announce UK Research Investment Expected To Sky-Rocket By Autumn

UK Research Investment Expected To Sky-Rocket By Autumn: Theresa May Set To Announce

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C-SOPS Partnership with Thermo Fisher

C-SOPS and Thermo Fisher had teamed up to enable research center work and to develop the acceleration on continuous manufacturing techniques for pharmaceutical discoveries.

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BMW And Baidu Cease Research And Business Partnership; Reason And Details Are Here!

BMW and Baidu are both moving on separate ways as they ended their research and business ventures for greater horizons.

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Xylem Pioneers As J-WAFS Research Affiliate

Xylem signs agreement with J-WAFS for directed research and support.

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Science High School Teacher Savors Triumph For His Breakthrough Research

Mark Case, a science teacher from the Southern Guilford High School was recently acknowledged by the Research Experience for Teachers in Engineering and Computer Science at the North Carolina A&T State University for his exemplary research.

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Biological Factor Is The Cause Of Present Infant Death Syndrome, Research Says

A group of researchers studying the human brain has found out the very first proof in connection with the biological explanation of the instances where newborns are dying suddenly in their sleep.

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Bipartisan Group Opposes The Use Of Dogs In Gov't Research

During the previous years, several rallied where made in order to support a bill that would lead to the treatment of dogs used in research laboratories.

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Schizophrenia Acroos Regions between Male and Female

Here are some comparison of the male and female differences on schizophrenia in other regions in the world

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Digital Era Continues To Make Things More Complicated With The Regulatory Systems

Risk can be managed successfully with an IT policy that considers the sensitivity of different types of data and the IT service best suited to handling it.

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Uber To Release A New App For Lifestyle Tracking

Uber is known for accurately delivering people from point A to point B with less of a hassle. Now, the app has upgraded and is now aiming to make itself an essential part of the users’ kind of living.

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Australia's NEST Urges Campaign for Healthier Lifestyle

For some Australians, the generation’s kind of lifestyle and a high cost of living have the tendency to compromise the drive for a healthier living together with efficient budgeting.

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Screen Time Of Smartphones Causes Poorer Sleep, Research Says

A recent research has revealed that people who tend to spend more time using their smartphone resulting to more screen time are vulnerable to poorer sleep.

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Fighting Lifestyle Diseases Through Understanding Africa's Gene Pool

Home to about 1.2 billion of the world’s population, Africa, the world’s second largest and second most populous country on Earth, is excessively troubled by the challenges in its society such as the spread of several infectious diseases and a growing number of cases related to non-communicable diseases.

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An Analysis To Trumps Victory: Of Division By Race, Gender, Education And More

This is a brief study of the aftermath of the winning of Donald Trump as the new US President.

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Veronesi, Father Of Cancer Research Dies

Cancer research Father, Umberto Veronesi dies at 90.

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