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Sen. Charles Schumer Opens Google's New Offices In New York City

Silicon Valley Startups Are Buying Fewer High-End Bikes as Bonuses as They Seek to Cut Expenses

Bikes maker Palo Alto Bicycles, which Silicon Valley startups have often contacted to purchase high-end custom bikes for their employees, have confirmed a decline in sales. The declining sales are likely to be an indicator that startups are being more careful in spending money as investors got tighter in demanding profitability.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

SpaceX Aborted Its Third Attempt to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket Due to Technical Difficulties After a Delay

SpaceX aborts its third attempt to launch its Falcon 9 rocket, which is designed to land its booster on a platform, making spaceflight more affordable. The abrupt scrub, just seconds before the liftoff, was due to an unexpected delay that caused the fuel to fail.

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Oppo Launches Find 7 In India

Oppo Introduces Super Vooc Flash, The Ultra Fast Charging Technology

Oppo has unveiled Super Vooc Flash, the ultra fast charging device, during Barcelona Mobile World Congress. No compatible device has been suggested in the introductory session which indicates the device is still in the prototype stage. The Oppo device is claimed to be superior since it diminishes the risk of overheating and can operate in a lower voltage.

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New Li-Fi Technology Will Provide Internet At the Speed of Light

LiFi technology, an abbreviation of Light Fidelity transfer data using light from LED bulb. It will enable users to download 23 DVDs in one second

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Nissan's November US Sales Rise 13 Precent

Nissan Leaf Companion App Vulnerabilites Revealed, Led The Car Company to Disable the App

A computer security researcher revealed the vulnerabilities of the Nissan Leaf’s companion app that could allow hackers to control the cars’ heating and cooling as well as access battery status. More than a month after the initial disclosure to Nissan, the company disabled the app while working to find a permanent solution.

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Frankfurt Motor Show

Rimac To Unveil First Production Model of Electric Hypercar In Geneva Auto Show 2016

Rimac is going to display its first production model of electric vehicle, naming Concept_One. Workers in Rimac have preferred to spend more on development and design rather than on branding. However, the Concept_One will be valued like an exclusive sports car, placed above regular super cars.

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Uber Plans Autonomous Test Driving In Hazelwood of Pittsburgh

Uber’s self driving car project has first drawn attraction with poaching 50 robotics researchers from CMU in early 2015. Recently it has appeared in the news headline again with the announcement of developing a test driving site for its self-driven cars in Hazelwood of Pittsburg. Though some automakers predict for introducing their autonomous vehicle by 2020, but Uber has kept mum in this regard.

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NASA's 'What's Your Favorite Space' Event

NASA Calls Coders to Create New Algorithms to Improve Its Robonaut's Vision

NASA is seeking new algorithms that could enable its Robonaut 2 to see better, despite the worn out sensors due to constant radiation. Coders can participate in a competition held by NASA and submit algorithms that could solve the problem and could also work with the humanoid’s existing central system and machinery.

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Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk Speaks At StartmeupHK Venture Forum

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Project Getting Implemented

Elon Musk has shared a brainchild for travelling from one city to another with extraordinary speed through a hyperloop in 2013. The plan is now getting implemented at Quay Valley in California. If the project becomes commercially viable, people will get an opportunity to travel at 800 MPH subject to getting approval from the government authorities.

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Senate Commerce Committee Holds Hearing On Takata Airbag Recall

The Reasons for Takata Airbag Explosion, Scientists Explain

Takata airbag issues face many discrimination aside from fines and lawsuit resulting to sales decline along with other automakers who recalled their vehicles. The automakers formed an independent coalition and hired Utah-based Orbital ATK to conduct the investigation who discovered three factors that cause airbag rupture.

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Ford Reports Drop In Quarterly Earnings

Ford Announced Plan to Triple Investment on Semi-Automous Driving Technologies Leading Up To Driverless Cars

Ford announced that the company will devote more resources to develop semi-autonomous driving technologies, as they aim to invest triple the amount of investment in the technologies. Some of Ford's cars already have some semi-autonomous technology in them, as with the updated version of Ford Kuga unveiled along with the announcement.

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Detroit Auto Show

Audi To Feature Fuel Efficient A4 Allroad quattro

Audi is going to hit the market with an ultra version of the quattro, A4 Allroad quattro, during the middle of this year. The new quattro is capable of cutting friction losses and is believed to improve emissions and efficiency. It will be the first ever Audi to feature the ultra version of the quattro system.

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Google Updates Its Logo

Google Translate Absorbs More Languages, Claims Translation For 99% Web Contents Marking International Mother Language Day

Google Translate has announced absorbing 13 more languages to its service arena on Wednesday. Google Translate works on machine learning technique. So contributions, from Translate Community of 3 billion users, have been sought to improve the service. Google claims to offer translation for 99% things appearing in the web.

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Daniel James and Mike Booth To Lead Facebook’s Social VR Team

Facebook has announced forming a social VR team. The team is led by two executives, Daniel James and Mike Booth, both from the video games industry. The team is expected to compete with several startups trying to bring video conferencing and social networking into VR.

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U.S. Banks Post Near-Record Profits In Second Quarter Of 2014

JP Morgan Predicted a Fall in Profits for Investment Banks This Year

A research conducted by JP Morgan analysts revealed that global investment banks would suffer a fall in profits this year. The fall could differ between regions, but average earnings are estimated to be down by 20 percent and revenues by 21 percent. Challenging economic environment is believed to negatively affect the global investment markets.

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