BAE Systems Linked to Trades With Countries Accused of Human Rights Violations: Report

A new investigation alleges that BAE Systems, the UK's largest military contractor, traded with human rights violators.

UK Supermarkets Misled Shoppers with Origin Labels on Food, Investigation Finds

The investigation conducted by Which? uncovered cases where labels inaccurately portrayed product origins as British, despite containing ingredients sourced from overseas...

Washington DC Ranked as the Hardest-Working City in US; Factors Include Employment Rate, Average Weekly Work Hours

According to a study conducted by WalletHub, Washington DC has been ranked as the hardest working city in America...

Russia Reportedly Testing Unmanned Hi-Fly Aircraft Taxi in Kenya

The Biryuch Innovation Center in Russia has commenced trials for the Hi-Fly unmanned Taxi in Kenya in collaboration with local partners, aiming to revolutionize air transportation with its electric ve..

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NC Hosted Big Data Research
The NC State hosted in the Laboratory for Science and Technology for end to end enablement of data in the college of engineering.
Research Refutes Australian Car Manufacturers’ Claim On Fuel Efficiency
A recent research by the Australian Automobile Association noted on the difference on fuel efficiency and gas emissions of lab tests by car manufacturers and the commissioned real-world tests. The res
Research Blames Global Warming To Reduced Body Mass Of Reindeers
Global warming makes the reindeers become smaller, according to a recent study. A survey revealed an alarming drop in the average mass of reindeers from 1994 to 2010 due to the dramatic rise in temper
Crop Advantage Series To Educate Farmers On Latest Crop Research Information
The 2017 Crop Advantage Series, presented by the Iowa State University Extension, will be traveling to eight locations across the state to educate farmers of the latest information about crop manageme
Research on Higher Education and Bill
As the far-reaching higher education and research bill reaches the house of Lords further ammendments are needed to ensure it succeeds its aims.
Treatment for Melanoma
Meanoma is a less common but more serious than other types of skin cancer and the Melanoma Management Adam Riker is reviewing an approach to manage it.
Apple Starts on AI
Apple's artificial intelligence is now going to start and soon it will be publishing and engaging with their academic work.
Cancer Experts Gather In San Antonio To Discuss Breast Cancer Research
International scientists and physicians met in Texas for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, a collaborative effort among cancer experts to present the latest researches on breast cancer.
E-cigarettes Increase Risk Of Heart Disease – Study
Numerous studies have revealed the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes, with some reports citing that the effects of e-ciagrettes are of the same magnitude as that of traditional cigarettes. While some or
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