Zero infertility rate for unviled sperm.

National Fertility Awareness Week discussed unveiled sperm may lead to non-fertilization rate.

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Drones in Plant Research

Drones can amass vegetation data over seasons for monitoring habitat restoration efforts, monitoring rare and threatened plant populations, surveying agriculture, and measuring carbon storage.

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Facebook Opts For A Camera-Centric Focus Camera As That Of Snapchat

Facebook is realizing that social media nowadays is all about videos and photos. That is why it sees to create and produce a snapchat-like camera-centric focus.

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Diabetes and Prediabetes

Learning more about prediabetes. Symptoms, preventions, causes and treatment.

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Magnet Research Pulls An Attracting Award

An international recognition has been given to George Hadjipanayis, Richard B. Murray Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware, for his exceptional contributions in the field of rare-earth permanent magnets.

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Beekeping moving forward

Beekeepers were still looking forward for a new laboratory facility.

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Electronic cigarette

Vape or elecronic cigarette can help you lose weight according to research.

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Ballot initiative Seeks Funds for Brain Research

Research on brain diseases and illnesses like Alzheimer’s and post-traumatic stress disorder could be funded with $200 million by Montana through a ballot initiative. However, critics claim that despite being well-intentioned, the act seizes the current system to regulate state spending and might create debt that might be carried by the taxpayers.

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South Carolina Solar Maps Pave Way To Other Regions

A new research at Clemson University reveals that South Carolina has sufficient lands fit to generate the huge amounts of solar power which would be needed in meeting the goals of getting all energy from renewable sources by year 2050.

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UMaine Professor Dies During Research In Antartica

A leading professor from University of Maine has died while conducting research in Antarctica.

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Top University Invaded Tax With Global Warming Research As Cover

A research center focused on global warming at the London School of Economics acquired tons of money from UK taxpayers by taking recognition for research it didn’t executed revealed The Daily Mail in an earlier investigation.

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Research Team Develops iPhone-Powered Lab; Detects Cancer At 99%

With smartphones being regularly innovated by manufacturers, a research team has recently developed a portable laboratory powered by a smartphone and is capable of nearly instantly detecting cancer.

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